4th Capability Program kicked off successfully at Leuenberg!

cap4 teamWhat an exciting kick-off workshop for our 4th Capability Program to Mongolia! From April 4-6, 2014, our team of 11 candidates gathered at Leuenberg, Switzerland. Together with tandem partners from Mongolia, they developed a vision and roadmap for a new learning center in Dalanzadgad, Mongolia.

It is the most international and diverse team of candidates we had so far: 9 nationalities took part in the kick-off workshop for our 4th Capability Program – to Mongolia. Over the course of the next six months, candidates turn into real entrepreneurs and setup a community-based learning center as a social business in Mongolia!

During the 3-day kick-off workshop, candidates grew together as a team and developed an understanding of the challenge they face. In virtual Skype session, candidates hooked up with local tandem partners from Dalanzadgad, Mongolia where the learning center will be set up in September 2014. Joanna Hafenmayer and Boris Billing facilitated the sessions as business and leadership coaches.

Until end of May, candidates will work in virtual teams on understanding the needs of the local community, assessing the environment as well as organizing the project. The next physical meeting will take place on July 5 and 6 in Zurich, Switzerland. Candidates will pitch their business plan in front of three investors who agreed to invest EUR 20,000 in the learning center.

For more information on the Capability Program, visit http://bookbridge.org .

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