CAP7 wins USD 30,000 investment into Sothy‘s Learning Center in Tani

Kicking off the investor pitch with a traditional Cambodian Greeting
Kicking off the investor pitch with a traditional Cambodian Greeting

Had the team known what they don’t know when they started on their learning journey as entrepreneurs back in October, everything would have turned out different. On February 4, the CAP7 Team convinced Bea Bättig from HILTI FOUNDATION to invest USD 30,000 in Sothy‘s Learning Center in Tani, Cambodia – this is USD 10,000 more than initially pledged.

Exciting months lie behind the CAP7 Team. In October 2015, our 9 European and 7 Cambodian candidates started with a joint vision to turn our micro learning center in Angroka into a fully-fledged learning center and expand the micro learning center concept developed by the CAP5 Team to potentially three more locations.

End of November, Kadet handed in her resignation as a Community Hero. This decision made the local partner change the initial commitment for the building. The team only had a couple of weeks to evaluate alternative options and chose to move away from Angroka completely.

Under pressure diamonds are formed. Within 4 weeks, guided by experienced business coach Joanna Hafenmayer from MyImpact, the team had found an alternative partner in the community of Tani, about 24km South of Angroka. They launched a call for applications and found Sothy as a dedicated and motivated local entrepreneur to run the learning center.

On February 5, they pitched their business plan to Bea Bättig from HILTI Foundation. Due to the change of the partner and the location, the team pitched for USD 30,000 instead of EUR 20,000 to kick start operations. And they won! The investor agreed under conditions to grant the investment.

Jumping into the air after a successful pitch
Jumping into the air after a successful pitch

Following the pitch, the team started to plan the implementation phase. A lot needs to happen within a very short timeframe. The opening of the learning center is scheduled for the week of March 7 – only 4 weeks from now.

Guided by Leadership Coach Boris Billing, the team reflected upon their key learnings since module 1. The emotional curve contained lots of highlights and lowlights providing fruitful grounds for key lessons learnt when working in a virtual and agile environment.

Another highlight was a joint dinner with alumni from CAP5, CAP3 and CAP2. We all met in a Cambodian restaurant in Zurich. The mobile learning center was of course a topic. However, more importantly, the alumni shared their key moments in Cambodia and created a lot of joy in the CAP7 Team towards their next module in Cambodia.

We keep fingers crossed for implementation of their business plan in Cambodia!

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