8th Capability Program kicked off to Mongolia!

A simple but challenging task. The CAP8 Team show team effort towards a joint goal by bringing a stick to the ground.

On April 27-29, 2016, we successfully kicked off our 8th Capability Program to Mongolia. For the first time, we are not only fostering entrepreneurial thinking and acting in the Global North. By conducting the same modules in Mongolia with 7 local candidates, we also build business and leadership skills in the Global South. Nobody will forget the magical moment when both teams shared their vision for the learning center in Dundgobi, Mongolia.

Preparations for our 8th Capability Program had already started in spring 2015 when Country Manager Amar spotted Narangav as a potential new Community Hero for a community-based learning center in her hometown of Dundgobi, Mangalgovi Province, Mongolia. One year later, 13 talents gathered at Leuenberg to team up with 7 local candidates who held their workshops in Dundgobi, Mongolia. As entrepreneurs, candidates had to immediately learn how to handle the diverse set of stakeholders involved in the setup of their venture. Following a short speed-dating with their counterparts and alumni of the program, they immediately started to set a joint vision for their time as a team of entrepreneurs.

CAP8 Vision
A magical moment: Community Hero Narangav presents the Mongolian vision for the learning center.

The magic happened on day 2. Following an introduction into BOOKBRIDGE and their role as entrepreneurs, the candidates immediately started to take action by developing a joint vision for their venture. Given that the team at Leuenberg and in Dundgobi worked on this task in parallel, you might have expected very different results. However, when Community Hero Narangav presented her vision for the learning center, you could see the smiles on the faces of the team at Leuenberg. Both vision matched perfectly with each other and resulted in a great foundation for the work as a team of entrepreneurs across cultures and time zones.

7 talents from the Global South in Dundgobi, Mongolia
7 talents from the Global South in Dundgobi, Mongolia

The business challenge is to create Narangav‘s learning center for the community in Dundgobi, Mongolia. Until mid June, candidates will work in virtual teams to understand and map the needs of the local community. In our virtual module 2, they will finalize the business plan for their venture and prepare to pitch it to their investor. If the pitch is successful, the team is bound to meet up in Dundgobi, Mongolia in September to implement ehri business plan. This will also be the first time when both teams meet physically after five months of virtual teamwork. Finally they will assess their first impact and key learnings from the program during module 5 in November.

13 talents from the Global North at Leuenberg, Basel, Switzerland

The team from the Global South is composed of 13 candidates from HILTI, Swisscom, Swiss Re, Trafigura and one private individual. Their origins are Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany, South Africa, Russia, the UK and the Netherlands. They are joined by 7 talented local candidates from Dundgobi, Mongolia. The local candidates work for government or private organizations. Their goal is to apply the learnings from setting up a learning center as a new venture to their own businesses or startup ideas. The team is supported by Nathalie Moral from mavia and Amarsaikhan Purev as business coaches. Heike Rudolf von Rohr acts as leadership coach to harvest the learnings of the candidates.

The next Capability Program is scheduled to start in November 2016. Feel free to read more or contact Carsten at carsten [at] bookbridge.org if you are interested in participating.

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