CAP8 Module 5 – The End of the Beginning

After six months as entrepreneurs in Mongolia, the CAP8 Team reunited for their last module on November 18, 2016. Full of pride for the learning center which they have opened up in Mandalgovi, the team debriefed the investor and shared key lessons learnt. Module 5 marked not only the official end of the Capability Program but also the start of a life-long post-learning experience.

screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-16-52-51In Mongolia, the CAP8 Team had done a fantastic job in opening up a brand new learning center in Mandalgovi. In module 5, the team convened two months after the opening to evaluate their success and transfer their learnings out of the program to their daily life. Despite the slower than anticipated ramp up of the operations, you could feel the pride and energy in the room.

Emotion and efficiency curve
Emotion and efficiency curve

Emotions and efficiency played a big role for the team in the program. By drawing an emotion and efficiency curve across the six months of their entrepreneurial learning experience, the team realized that the initial NO at the investor pitch in July was an emotional downwards moment but boosted their efficiency tremendously – their vision was at stake!

screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-16-51-12In a debrief call with their investors Angela, Fritz and Gerhard from Swiss Re Foundation, the team compared what they had planned and what they had achieved. In a follow up call with their Community Hero Nangaa, the team realized how quickly their vision and views on what has to be done next has also become the vision of Nangaa. What a magical moment!

CAP8 Team Member Wolf receives his certificate with wolf cries ;-)
CAP8 Team Member Wolf receives his certificate – of course with the cries of a wolf 😉

At the same time, the the 9th Capability Program Team (CAP9) set out for their mission to make a difference in Cambodia. In a speed-dating session, CAP9 candidates handed over their key lessons learnt from the program. Among them, the CAP8 Team would have invested more team in the market research phase and in meeting the key stakeholders of the project before they arrive in Mongolia. At the end of the program, all candidates received certificates with personal words from their business coach Nathalie Moral and leadership coach Heike Rudolf von Rohr.

We are grateful for this team. They all decided to continue their monthly calls with their Community Hero and re-unite on September 2017 when the learning center celebrates its first birthday. Not only the team has learnt a lot but BOOKBRIDGE as well. Visit to find our more about this program and follow the impact it will continue to create.

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