Intercultural learnings at its best!

After a 4h virtual module, candidates from 10 countries said good bye to each other with a goofy face ;-).

What brings together 24 people from 10 countries on a Saturday morning? Our virtual module 2! The CAP9 Team made use of the 4h meeting to reflect on their teamwork and initiate their working groups towards module 3.

Following a successful and inspiring kick-off in November, the team developed a productive culture of online spring meetings. In working towards their joint vision for a learning center in Chreav, the team found a way to work at eye-level and meet up regularly in video conferences.

After 8 weeks of needs and resource assessment, the team faces a stiff timeline towards the pitch on February 17. To avoid running out of time, the team decided to develop a joint understanding of the different terms used in the Business Model Canvas, a master plan with clear milestones and setup more in-between team meetings.

We keep fingers crossed for the vision of the CAP9 Team and their business plan. Only 4 weeks to go until the pitch!

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