9th Capability Program kicked off to Cambodia!

On the first day, the teams met in a virtual speed dating session.
On the first day, the teams met in a virtual speed dating session.
Here we go! On November 14-16 the first module of our 9th Capability Program to Cambodia was successfully kicked off. The team members from the Global North came together in Leuenberg, Switzerland to get prepared for their 6-months journey that will take them to the set-up of a new learning center in Chreav, Cambodia. But not only the Western team took off: For the first time, Cambodian candidates take part in our Capability Program. Together with Community Hero Ravy the Cambodian team started their journey on the same day.

Both teams met each other only half an hour after the program had started. The atmosphere was cheerful and both sides were keen to learn more about the other culture and the expectations about the program. From now on, the two teams will work together simultaneously on their vision of a learning center for Chreav to little by little become one team.

On the first day, the teams learnt about BOOKBRIDGE, social business theory and their business challenge. The challenge is about creating a social business model for Ravy’s learning center with the goal to serve the people in the community of Chreav.

With different sessions, the participants got to know each other
With different sessions, the participants got to know each other
On the second day, both teams in Switzerland and Cambodia worked on their vision for the learning center and virtually met the investor to learn about her expectations. Then they drafted a first Business Model Canvas. For the upcoming weeks they divided in subgroups that will meet virtually only.

The third day of module 1 was dedicated to the leadership topic. The participants reflected on their individual learning goals, heard about the how, what and why of making business and defined how they wanted to work together as a team.

During the next weeks the teams will work together to prepare the pitch to the investor in February. If they succeed to convince the investor, both teams will finally meet in Chreav, Cambodia in March to set up the learning center and open it.

The Cambodia team's vision for the learning center.
The Cambodia team’s vision for the learning center.
The CAP9 team is diverse and international as no CAP team was before. For the first time, we have a candidate from the United States! The 14 candidates have ten different nationalities. Including the Cambodian team, there are 11 nationalities in a 24-persons team. The Global North team is composed of employees of SwissRe, Swisscom and HILTI. The Cambodian candidates come from private organizations or schools. The team is supported by business coaches Theng Chanthorn, Jorge Cendales and Petra Ewald as well as Boris Billing as leadership coach.

The next Capability Program is scheduled to start in April 2017. If you are interested, feel free to read more or contact Carsten at carsten [at] bookbridge.org.

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