Think and act as a real entrepreneur

Our world is growing more complex at an unprecedented pace. Individuals and organizations are constantly challenged to create new business opportunities by quickly adapting to unfamiliar markets and conditions. Developing effective leaders is of paramount importance. In an interrelated world, the next generation of leaders is required to exhibit high levels of responsibility for themselves and others while integrating value and meaning into their professional lives.

To help organizations and individuals address this challenge, BOOKBRIDGE and its partners take an exceptional approach to shape the next generation of leaders. In our programs, we uniquely combine talent development with the setup of a worthwhile tangible business in Asia. We are proud to say that we offer the only leadership development program worldwide in which candidates act as real entrepreneurs and create their own business from scratch. Throughout the program, candidates from the Global North join hands with talents from the Global South to co-create and collaborate at eye-level.

We are a pioneer in hands-on talent development and action-based learning. Candidates are not volunteers but responsible entrepreneurs with full responsibility for the business they are creating. Professional business and leadership coaches accompany them in every step. Transfer of the skills learnt is key to our success. Our programs do not end with the setup of a social enterprise in Asia. They only mark the start of a long-term relationship with our Alumni in creating initiatives and businesses in their respective environments.