February 27, 2019
| Arvaikheer

“When you believe in yourself, others will trust you”

OyunbatRead more
January 6, 2019
| Arvaikheer, Featured Post, Sri Lanka

Arvaikheer participates in Community Hero Exchange

Uugaana (second from left) participated in the Community Hero exchange in Sri LankaRead more
November 6, 2018
| Arvaikheer, Featured Post, Govi Altai

Gobi-Altai organizes English festival

Winners of the mummy competitionRead more
September 10, 2018
| Arvaikheer, Featured Post, Impact

Arvaikheer student wins scholarship to the US

Uyangaa with her teacher UuganaaRead more
September 3, 2018
| Arvaikheer, Bayankhongor, Featured Post, Khovd

Bags travel more than 2,000km

The Bag TeamRead more
July 23, 2018
| Arvaikheer, Chinggis, Dalanzadgad, Mandalgovi

English summer camp in Mongolia

Students participated in many activitiesRead more
June 3, 2018
| Arvaikheer, Featured Post, Khovd

Buyanaa attends TEDx camp in Arvaikheer

Buyanaa took part in TEDx campRead more
April 17, 2018
| Arvaikheer, Featured Post

Arvaikheer students become United Nations delegates

Germany is presenting their proposalRead more
March 21, 2018
| Arvaikheer

News from Arvaikheer

Students with donated booksRead more
February 22, 2018
| Arvaikheer, Featured Post, Impact

“Even if you are in despair, see broadly, smile sweetly, and engage others”

Uuganaa is Communty Hero of learning center ArvaikheerRead more
February 22, 2018
| Arvaikheer, Featured Post

Learning Center Arvaikheer wins international English contest

Students writing during the Write On! contestRead more
November 21, 2017
| Arvaikheer, Chinggis, Dalanzadgad, Featured Post, Mandalgovi

Cross-Center English Festival in Mongolia

The little magicians learnt many skills during the festivalRead more
September 11, 2017
| Arvaikheer, Featured Post, Impact, Lessons Learnt

Myagmarsuren’s Success Story

Myagmarsuren has received a scholarship for studying in the USRead more
August 28, 2017
| Arvaikheer, Featured Post, Impact

What BOOKBRIDGE taught me

Ammarjargal won 1st prize at the university entrance examRead more
August 28, 2017
| Arvaikheer, Fellows

Five Weeks at Learning Center Arvaikheer

Lea with one of her studentsRead more
May 8, 2017
| Arvaikheer, Featured Post, Impact, Murun

Do what you really are – Lkhamsuren Erdenedash’s story

Lkhamsuren during one of the TEDx sessionsRead more
March 21, 2017
| Arvaikheer, Featured Post, Impact

Impact Session in Arvaikheer

Parents during one of the feedback sessionsRead more
January 25, 2017
| Arvaikheer, Team

Uuganaa’s Impressions from the All-Staff Training in Cambodia

Uuganaa (right) presenting her learning center's approachRead more
December 5, 2016
| Arvaikheer, Featured Post

“The Chatty Bunch” – Speaking Club opens in Arvaikheer

Students practice their English skills in Arvaikheer's new speaking clubRead more
November 29, 2016
| Arvaikheer, Chinggis, Featured Post, Mongolia

English Festival in Arvaikheer and Chinggis

The organizational team: Ankhiluun, Khandsuren and UuganaaRead more
November 9, 2016
| Arvaikheer, Impact, Mongolia

Arvaikheer Learning Center is awarded as Outstanding Library

The learning center's students took care of their boothRead more
May 2, 2016
| Arvaikheer, Featured Post, FIS, Impact, Lessons Learnt, Mongolia

Changes to Arvaikheer Learning Center after visit to Europe

...and after.Read more
April 19, 2016
| Arvaikheer, Book Champions, Dalanzadgad, Featured Post, FIS, Mongolia, Partners, Team

Mongolians meet Teachers from German School

Learning from Carolyn Gedling, curriculum developer at FIS: Uuganaa, Battuul and Vannak (from left to right)Read more
March 1, 2016
| Arvaikheer, Impact, Mongolia

Learning Center Arvaikheer looks back on 2015

Uuganaa's students in front of the learning centerRead more
February 8, 2016
| Arvaikheer, Featured Post, Mongolia

Mongolian Students about Tsagaan Sar (Mongolian New Year)

Traditional and modern: Community Hero Battuul Alexander (center) with some of her students dressed up for the celebrationRead more
November 9, 2015
| Arvaikheer, Chinggis, Mongolia

BOOKBRIDGE organizes first English Olympiad in Mongolia

Read more
October 20, 2015
| Arvaikheer, Events

BOOKBRIDGE at the World Scout Jamboree

In 2005, Carsten (with sunglasses) visited Mongolia with other European scouts.Read more
September 2, 2015
| Arvaikheer, Impact, Mongolia

“One of the Best Days of my Life” – Interview with Uuganaa

Committed and fighting for her cause - providing education to children and youthRead more
September 2, 2015
| Arvaikheer, Book Champions, Mongolia

Interview with Matthias, Co-Founder of Learning Center Arvaikheer

Uuganaa (left) and Matthias (center) during the 2010 trip to MongoliaRead more
September 2, 2015
| Arvaikheer, Mongolia, Team

“The People at BOOKBRIDGE Make the Difference” – Interview with Ruth

Ruth with scouts from Neumarkt in MongoliaRead more
September 1, 2015
| Arvaikheer, Impact, Mongolia

What students and parents say about BOOKBRIDGE – voices from Arvaikheer

Read more
May 11, 2015
| Arvaikheer, Mongolia

News from Arvaikheer Learning Center

Uuganaa with the book her ex-student gave to her as a donation for the learning centerRead more
September 1, 2014
| Arvaikheer, Mongolia

Interview with Uuganaa, Community Hero in Arvaikheer

Uuganaa practising pronouncation with little studentsRead more
August 7, 2014
| Arvaikheer, Mongolia

Learning Center Graduates start University

Senior students from BOOKBRIDGE learning center in Arvaikheer the day before their national entrance exam to university.Read more
June 16, 2014
| Arvaikheer

Arvaikheer Students selected for Stipend Program

The young Mongolians elected for the stipend programRead more
May 20, 2014
| Arvaikheer, Bulgan, Mongolia, Zavkhan

News from Zavkhan, Arvaikheer, and Bulgan

Creative Writing Competition in BulganRead more
December 9, 2013
| Arvaikheer, Mongolia

Students from Arvaikheer take part in English Olympics

The first English lesson in the magazinRead more
September 19, 2013
| Arvaikheer, Mongolia, Ulziit Khoroo

Winter Library for Ulziit Khoroo

In Khuvsgul, the BOOKBRIDGE team met for a 5-day workshopRead more
May 9, 2013
| Arvaikheer, Bulgan, Mongolia, Zavkhan

News from Bulgan, Zavkhan and Arvaikheer

English competitionRead more
January 25, 2013
| Arvaikheer, Mongolia

News from Mongolia

Dormitory training in ArvaikheerRead more
October 31, 2012
| Arvaikheer, Mongolia

Team Mongolia workshop in Arvaikheer

BLOG_Team workshop Arvaikheer 2012_3Read more
September 25, 2012
| Arvaikheer, Mongolia

Arvaikheer Publishes Book

BLOG_Traffic book 2Read more
September 2, 2012
| Arvaikheer, Mongolia


NL_Arvaikheer OpeningRead more
August 31, 2012
| Arvaikheer, Mongolia

Planting Trees and Clean Cities: News from Arvaikheer

Read more
July 30, 2012
| Arvaikheer, Fellows, Mongolia, Team

Volunteer Portrait: Natsagdorj Batchuluun

BLOG_Natsandulaag BatchuluunRead more
April 4, 2012
| Arvaikheer, Fellows, Mongolia

Volunteer Portrait: Jason Ehrig

BLOG_Jason EhrigRead more