September 3, 2018
| Takeo

Creating Storms

Two young learnings spy the spaceRead more
June 13, 2018
| Featured Post, Summit, Takeo

Sreydieb Long attends BridgeBuilder Summit

Sreydieb LongRead more
April 23, 2018
| Takeo

First time experiencing abroad through scouting

Sreydieb (right) at the welcome KAWANEE gave to all participating scoutsRead more
October 23, 2017
| Takeo

A Visit to the Zoo

Sreydieb with her studentsRead more
August 14, 2017
| Fellows, Takeo

An Internship at Learning Center Takeo

Marlen and Sheila with Community Hero Sreydieb (right)Read more
July 5, 2017
| Ang Tasom, Featured Post, Impact, Takeo

Sothika and Sreydieb successfully participate in Stipend Program

Sreydieb (third from left) with her co-studentsRead more
July 4, 2017
| Cambodia, Impact, Takeo

Takeo Team participates in SHE Incubator Program

Proud of their certificates: Sopheak (third from left) and Sreydieb (second from right)Read more
June 26, 2017
| Fellows, Takeo

Interview with Fellow Asami

Fellow AsamiRead more
December 19, 2016
| Cambodia, Fellows, Takeo

Volunteer Portrait: Keo Sophea

Sophea is volunteer at our learning center in TakeoRead more
May 23, 2016
| Cambodia, Fellows, Takeo

Constantin gains experiences in working in Asian culture

Staff and students give to Constantin a certificate of appreciation and a cultural giftRead more
May 12, 2016
| Impact, Takeo, Team

From Volunteer to Full-Time Staff: Sopheak

Sopheak provides a typical free learning activityRead more
February 22, 2016
| Cambodia, Dalanzadgad, Impact, Mongolia, Summit, Takeo, Tonloab

What is impact in education?

Read more
February 1, 2016
| Cambodia, Fellows, Takeo

Piano classes, electronic music and business development

Constantin (left) with Vannak (center) and RomanRead more
December 18, 2015
| Cambodia, Fellows, Takeo

Constantin’s fellowship in Takeo has started

Constantins father visits the learning centerRead more
December 17, 2015
| Cambodia, Takeo, Team

New Initiatives from Sreydieb

Sreydieb (left) teaches her very first class at learning center TakeoRead more
October 7, 2015
| Cambodia, Takeo

Learning Center Takeo in Transition

Read more
August 11, 2015
| Cambodia, Takeo

Takeo: “Let’s Speak English” Campaign starts

Students looking interestingly at our Takeo Learning Center flyerRead more
July 27, 2015
| Cambodia, Takeo

Thank you from the bottom of our heart!

First step: shell of a buildingRead more
July 6, 2015
| Cambodia, Fellows, Takeo

A real surprise after 2 years

Marco used to take home Lee on his bikeRead more
March 30, 2015
| Campaign, Fellows, Takeo

Doing Yoga for a Good Purpose

Bei der Lach-Yoga-Read more
March 5, 2015
| Cambodia, Fellows, Takeo

What Children in Cambodia Think about Equality

Picture painted during the Equality workshop at Takeo, Cambodia in February 2015Read more
February 24, 2015
| Cambodia, Campaign, Takeo

Do Yoga and Support our Learning Center in Takeo!

Marco with children in the learning center in TakeoRead more
February 2, 2015
| Fellows, Takeo

Daily Life at the Learning Center in Takeo

Malin with her Khmer friends in ChansomRead more
December 2, 2014
| Events, Takeo

A Heart’s Desire – Get Engaged and Do Something Good!

We love BOOKBRIDGE - donate and support our learning centers in AsiaRead more
July 23, 2014
| Cambodia, Takeo

Volunteering at Takeo Learning Center

BettinaRead more
May 22, 2014
| Cambodia, Takeo

Working as Librarian in Takeo – a Job I love

Sopeak offering a free basic English class to a group of childrenRead more
November 26, 2013
| Cambodia, Capability Program, Takeo

What it means to be a social entrepreneur for six months

Highly motivated after the first workshop meetingRead more
November 19, 2013
| Cambodia, Takeo

Filling a Learning Center with Life

Susann und Marco vor dem LernzentrumRead more
October 29, 2013
| Cambodia, Takeo

Takeo: New course and activities offerings

Soksamnang offering an Alphabetic Bingo gameRead more
August 12, 2013
| Cambodia, Takeo

Additional Course Offerings at Bookbridge Learning Center Takeo

Stanley receives a certificate for his helpRead more
June 23, 2013
| Cambodia, Fellows, Takeo

Soksamnang Lay supports Takeo Team

SoksamnangRead more
June 18, 2013
| Cambodia, Takeo

Cinema Program starts in Takeo

Watching English moviesRead more
June 10, 2013
| Cambodia, Fellows, Takeo

A Consultant Volunteer

StanleyRead more
May 29, 2013
| Cambodia, Fellows, Takeo

15 Weeks Takeo: Some impressions

Read more
May 27, 2013
| Cambodia, Takeo

Voting Result of the Art Olympics Workshop

The organizersRead more
May 6, 2013
| Cambodia, Takeo

Art Olympics at Takeo

Art OlympicsRead more
April 29, 2013
| Cambodia, Fellows, Takeo

New Faces at Takeo

Volunteer SopheakRead more
March 22, 2013
| Cambodia, Takeo

Training for Life Skills Program

Carrier Life Skills TrainingRead more
March 15, 2013
| Cambodia, Capability Program, Takeo

Takeo: New course program starts on Monday

Capability Program team at TakeoRead more
March 6, 2013
| Cambodia, Takeo, Team

New in the Takeo team: Sokoeurn

Sokoeurn at TakeoRead more
February 26, 2013
| Cambodia, Fellows, Takeo

Our Fellows Susann and Marco

Susann and Marco with a student from TakeoRead more
February 26, 2013
| Fellows, Takeo

Volunteer portrait: Susann and Marco

Susann and Marco with a student from TakeoRead more
February 11, 2013
| Cambodia, Takeo

Opening of Takeo learning center

Capability Program team at TakeoRead more
February 8, 2013
| Cambodia, Capability Program, Takeo

Next step taken for Takeo

Country Manager Sokhan and DelphineRead more
February 4, 2013
| Cambodia, Capability Program, Takeo

Team arrived in Takeo

The Takeo project team at the learning center in Takeo.Read more
February 3, 2013
| Capability Program, Takeo

Investor won for Takeo!

Discussing the course schedules was one of the major tasksRead more
November 13, 2012
| Cambodia, Takeo

Getting creative at Takeo learning center

BLOG_Girl drawing at TakeoRead more
May 8, 2012
| Cambodia, Fellows, Takeo

Volunteer Portrait: Kate O. Marsh

Kate O. Marsh, volunteer at Takeo library in CambodiaRead more
January 21, 2012
| Siem Reap, Takeo

Takeo and Siem Reap Library

Read more