January 21, 2019
| Featured Post, Mongolia, Team

All-Staff Training in Mongolia 2019

The Mongolian BOOKBRIDGE teamRead more
December 10, 2018
| Bandarawela, Featured Post, Team

Satheesh is new Community Hero in Bandarawela

Satheesh (left) with mentor and former Community Hero SujithaRead more
November 27, 2018
| Featured Post, Sri Lanka, Team

All-Staff Training in Sri Lanka

Satheesh and Vannak working on the handbookRead more
October 29, 2018
| Bandarawela, Cambodia, Featured Post, Team

Sri Lanka goes to Cambodia

Reflecting on the quality frameworkRead more
July 2, 2018
| Govi Altai, Team

I believe books can help us to open our eyes

Bayanjargal is Community Hero in Govi-AltaiRead more
June 26, 2018
| Featured Post, Impact, Team

Connecting the dots or: My way to social entrepreneurship

Arlette during the set up of Tonloab learning center 2014Read more
June 24, 2018
| Team

Goodbye Jella!

Goodbye Jella!Read more
April 18, 2018
| Cambodia, Team

Peou, welcome to the team!

Peou Mott is Program Support Officer for BOOKBRIDGE CambodiaRead more
March 20, 2018
| Cambodia, Featured Post, Team

First Aid Training for Cambodian Team

Practicing reanimationRead more
March 19, 2018
| Bayankhongor, Featured Post, Team

Interview with Tserenpagma Altanbagana

Tserenpagma is Community Hero in Bayankhongor, MongoliaRead more
March 5, 2018
| Cambodia, Featured Post, Team

Workshop for Cambodian Learning Center Staff

The team played different intelligence practical gamesRead more
February 23, 2018
| Featured Post, Team

Welcome, Matthias!

Matthias Augustin is new coach in our Capability ProgramRead more
February 20, 2018
| Learning Partnerships, Team

Welcome, Marisol!

Marisol (fourth to the right) is now supporting the BOOKBRIDGE teamRead more
February 20, 2018
| Cambodia, Featured Post, Team

All-Staff Training in Cambodia

All staff members gathered for the staff trainingRead more
February 5, 2018
| Featured Post, Mongolia, Team

All-Staff Training in Mongolia

All Community Heroes participated in All-staff trainingRead more
September 16, 2017
| Sri Lanka, Team

New Country Manager for Sri Lanka recruited

SaradhaRead more
September 4, 2017
| Khovd, Team

Interview with Buyankhishig Zuronov, Community Hero in Khovd

Proud of her team: Buyanaa, future Community Hero in KhovdRead more
August 23, 2017
| Education Quality, Featured Post, Mongolia, Team

All-Staff Training in Mongolia

Mongolian BOOKBRIDGE team with Monika, Sujitha and SanhaRead more
August 18, 2017
| Featured Post, Psar Kralanh, Team

Interview with Kimsorn Ngam, Community Hero in Psar Kralan

Kimsorn Ngam is Community Hero in Psar KralanRead more
July 24, 2017
| Batticaloa, Featured Post, Sri Lanka, Team

Interview with Regashamini Rathagirushnan

Regashamini Rathagirushnan, new Community Hero BatticaloaRead more
July 15, 2017
| Featured Post, Impact, Sri Lanka, Team

1 Week, 12 Team Members, 20 Decisions

Big team jump on Sigiriya rockRead more
June 16, 2017
| Featured Post, Impact, Sri Lanka, Team

Leadership Week in Sri Lanka

Funny faces on the tea plantationRead more
May 11, 2017
| FIS, Khovd, Team

From Mongolia to Europe: Buyankhishig’s visit

Buyanaa visited Europe for the first timeRead more
May 10, 2017
| FIS, Psar Kralanh, Team

Cambodian Community Hero visits Europe

For the first time in his life Kimsorn sees snowRead more
April 11, 2017
| Featured Post, Impact, Lessons Learnt, Team

What does a Social Entrepreneur Earn?

Read more
April 10, 2017
| Chreav, Team

Interview with Community Hero Ravy Vang

Read more
February 13, 2017
| Featured Post, Mongolia, Team

All-Staff Training in Mongolia

The Mongolian BOOKBRIDGE teamRead more
January 25, 2017
| Arvaikheer, Team

Uuganaa’s Impressions from the All-Staff Training in Cambodia

Uuganaa (right) presenting her learning center's approachRead more
January 16, 2017
| Bandarawela, Cambodia, Featured Post, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Team

All-Staff Training in Cambodia – with Mongolian and Sri Lankan participants

Sampath, Uuganaa, Vannak and SujithaRead more
December 20, 2016
| Cambodia, Featured Post, Team

Welcome to the team, Sanha!

Sanja will support our Cambodian teamRead more
December 19, 2016
| Impact, Lessons Learnt, Team

Achievements and Learnings in 2016

What a year at BOOKBRIDGE!Read more
September 15, 2016
| Featured Post, Mandalgovi, Mongolia, Team

Interview with Narangarav Jambaltseren

Narangarav Jambaltseren is Community Hero in MandalgoviRead more
August 31, 2016
| Mongolia, Team

Mongolian Team meets for All-Staff-Training

Mongolian BOOKBRIDGE teamRead more
July 11, 2016
| Cambodia, Featured Post, Impact, Team

Cambodian Team meets for Staff Workshop

Led by Sothika from Angtasom, the participants discussed best practicesRead more
July 8, 2016
| Cambodia, Featured Post, Tani, Team

Introducing Tep Sothy from Learning Center Tani

Tep Sothy is Community Hero in Tani, CambodiaRead more
May 12, 2016
| Impact, Takeo, Team

From Volunteer to Full-Time Staff: Sopheak

Sopheak provides a typical free learning activityRead more
May 11, 2016
| Cambodia, Tani, Team

Welcome, Tep Sothy, to Learning Center Tani!

Tep Sothy is Head of Learning Center in Tani, CambodiaRead more
April 19, 2016
| Arvaikheer, Book Champions, Dalanzadgad, Featured Post, FIS, Mongolia, Partners, Team

Mongolians meet Teachers from German School

Learning from Carolyn Gedling, curriculum developer at FIS: Uuganaa, Battuul and Vannak (from left to right)Read more
April 15, 2016
| Ang Tasom, Cambodia, Team

Sothika Khoeun is new Head of Learning Center Angtasom

Sothika Khoeun is new Head of Learning Center in AngtasomRead more
April 13, 2016
| Cambodia, Events, Summit, Team

Cambodian Team at BridgeBuilder Summit and Leadership Week

Vannak Pen, Community Hero in Tonloab (left), discusses challenges of his learning centerRead more
January 25, 2016
| Dalanzadgad, Featured Post, Mongolia, Team

Mongolia 2016: All-Staff Training in Dalanzadgad

Uugantsetseg Gantumur (right) during her mock English lessonRead more
December 17, 2015
| Cambodia, Takeo, Team

New Initiatives from Sreydieb

Sreydieb (left) teaches her very first class at learning center TakeoRead more
December 14, 2015
| Ang Tasom, Capability Program, Chinggis, Team

Curdin: Welcome to BOOKBRIDGE Foundation Board!

Curdin with Altaa, a former student at BOOKBRIDGE's first learning center in Arvaikheer, MongoliaRead more
November 16, 2015
| Cambodia, Siem Reap, Team

Welcome Librarian Thea at Siem Reap Learning Center!

Read more
November 10, 2015
| Cambodia, Team

2nd All-Staff Workshop held in Cambodia

Monika (Country Development Manager at BOOKBRIDGE) talks about education qualityRead more
October 20, 2015
| Cambodia, Mongolia, Team

Cambodian Country Manager builds a Bridge to Mongolia

Sokhan (center) with a nomad familyRead more
October 12, 2015
| Team

Monika: Welcome to the Team!

Read more
September 2, 2015
| Arvaikheer, Mongolia, Team

“The People at BOOKBRIDGE Make the Difference” – Interview with Ruth

Ruth with scouts from Neumarkt in MongoliaRead more
August 12, 2015
| Cambodia, Team

My Priceless Three Months with BOOKBRIDGE Cambodia

Read more
July 20, 2015
| Cambodia, Siem Reap, Team

Interview with Sanith Kong, Community Hero in Siem Reap

Sanith Kong, Head of Learning Center Siem ReapRead more
July 2, 2015
| Cambodia, Fellows, Team

Improving Teaching Methodologies in Tonloab

Read more
July 1, 2015
| Siem Reap, Team

Sanith is making her way

Read more
April 27, 2015
| Cambodia, Team

Capacity Building for our Learning Center Staff

Sreydieb Long, Head of BOOKBRIDGE Mobile Learning Center (center) with her colleague Robert Erdin (right), BOOKBRIDGE Fellow, and Sopheak (left), librarian at BOOKBRIDGE Learning Center Takeo, during the team trainingRead more
March 30, 2015
| Angroka, Cambodia, Team

Interview with Sreydieb Long, Community Hero in Angtasom

Sreydieb is Community Hero of the new BOOKBRIDGE Mobile Learning CenterRead more
February 9, 2015
| Events, Team

BOOKBRIDGE’s Vision 2020 Set

Supported by Heike Rudolf v. Rohr (center), the BOOKBRIDGE core team developped a vision until 2020Read more
January 26, 2015
| Mongolia, Team, Zuunkharaa

Mongolian Team meets in Zuunkharaa for Training

The Mongolian team at the team training in BOOKBRIDGE learning center Zuunkharaa in January 2015Read more
December 8, 2014
| Ang Tasom, Cambodia, Team

Interview with Kadet Mam, Community Hero in Chansom Senmongkul

Kadet Mam (center) with her team at Chansom SenmongkulRead more
November 27, 2014
| Team

Welcome Rasheed and Barbara!

BOOKBRIDGE Foundation board: Rasheed Abdullagh, Barbara Kaech, Evelyn S. Braun and Richard RuppRead more
October 20, 2014
| Cambodia, Team

First Staff Workshop in Cambodia

Heads of Learning Center at a focus groups discussionRead more
October 6, 2014
| Dalanzadgad, Team

What motivates me is the impact we have locally – Interview with Lisa Thimme

Lisa (left) in Siem Reap where she set-up BOOKBRIDGE's first learning center in CambodiaRead more
August 11, 2014
| Bulgan, Mongolia, Team

Mongolian Staff meets in Bulgan

The staff training aims at exchaning ideas and experiencesRead more
May 19, 2014
| Team

Welcome Emilie!

Read more
April 7, 2014
| Ang Tasom, Cambodia, Team

Personal Words from a Teacher in Ang Tasom

Sreydieb is Community Hero of the new BOOKBRIDGE Mobile Learning CenterRead more
March 30, 2014
| Mongolia, Team

Staff Meeting in Mongolia

Having fun together was an important part of the staff meetingRead more
June 20, 2013
| Cambodia, Fellows, Siem Reap, Team

New Fellow: Emma Gill

EmmaRead more
June 17, 2013
| Cambodia, Siem Reap, Team

New in Siem Reap: Meanrith Meas

MeanrithRead more
March 6, 2013
| Cambodia, Takeo, Team

New in the Takeo team: Sokoeurn

Sokoeurn at TakeoRead more
January 16, 2013
| Team

New in the team: Sareena

Read more
September 7, 2012
| Team

Director wanted!

NL_Girl pen MNRead more
September 6, 2012
| Mongolia, Team

New Country Manager for Mongolia

Read more
July 31, 2012
| Mongolia, Team

Wanted: Country Manager for Mongolia

Read more
July 30, 2012
| Arvaikheer, Fellows, Mongolia, Team

Volunteer Portrait: Natsagdorj Batchuluun

BLOG_Natsandulaag BatchuluunRead more
June 8, 2012
| Fellows, Govi Altai, Team

Volunteer Portrait: Anthony Cherwinski

Anthony ChawinskiRead more
June 5, 2012
| Cambodia, Siem Reap, Team

New Head of Library in Siem Reap

New Head of LibraryRead more
May 21, 2012
| Fellows, FIS, Team

Volunteer Portrait: Elaine Smith

Elaine SmithRead more
March 1, 2012
| Book Champions, Team

Marie: New in the Team

Read more
February 16, 2012
| Team

How do you like our new Website?

Read more
February 3, 2012
| Book Champions, Team

45 Bridge Builders in the Black Forest

Read more
January 26, 2012
| Team

Freiburg City Tour

Read more