CCMA empowers students’ mental capabilities

The whole learning center profitted from CCMA
The whole learning center profitted from CCMA
CCMA stands for Cambodian Concept of Mental Arithmetic and has been designed to develop mental stimulation and foster mental thinking for young learners specifically both sides of our brain. It has founded by Puthi Koma Organisation in Battambang province and CCMA has brought to BOOKBRIDGE Learning Center Salarin Kampuchea by Community Hero Vang Ravy in order to increase the number of students and generate more income.

CCMA intentionally designs to measure and assess the comptence of students whose ages are between 4 to 13 years old. Since our Learning Center has worked in collaboration with CCMA, the number of students has apparently increased for a couple of reasons:

Firstly, children can certainly enrich mathematics challenges such as

  • Train both sides of a person’s brain to work parallel
  • Build up your children’s confidence and competence
  • Absorb the pattern of creativity and problem-solving
  • Develop critical thinking and active listening skills
  • Bolster calculation skills
  • Intensify children long-term memory retention
  • Be considerable and concentrate
  • Be successful in school and beyond

Ravy's students won the CCMA Award
Ravy’s students won the CCMA Award
Secondly, students who are registered at the Learning Center can either acquire English language skills, computer skills or a habit of reading skills.

On the other hand, CCMA can certainly change learners and practitioners’ lives by accelerating numeracy skills, mental arithmetic, and ability and stimulating their thoughts, for instance they have systematically been trained, shared, taught and facilitated well on how to overcome arithmetic challenges as quick as possible.

Vang Ravy and his students are extremely excited to participate in the programme. “I am very proud of them. They are really responsible and full of self-esteem. They are not just earning gorgeous reputation for themselves but also creating huge images for Learning Center, community and our country” said Ravy.

CCMA National Level Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Competition
CCMA National Level Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Competition
Ravy has personally envisioned to get more talented students to win a champion for both national and international competition. Student Kimsaing sincerely expressed her feeling of participation with CCMA programme as the following “My name is Kimsaing. I am nine years old. I feel fabulous when I attend at CCMA class. I can certainly figure out mathematics challenges and even I am not the top scorer I am able to speed up calculation without calculators or computers. I was absolutely amazed to get a chance of joining the competition with national and international competitors”.

To conclude the article, CCMA can certainly promote our learning centers to the outside world and help to generate more income.

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