Changes to Arvaikheer Learning Center after visit to Europe

This March, Uuganaa Gantumug, Battuul Alexander and Vannak Pen visited the Franconian International School (FIS) in Erlangen, Germany. During the two-weeks internship, the three Heads of Learning Center learned a lot about modern teaching and learning methods. Being back to Mongolia, Uuganaa started to implement what she had seen and learnt at the FIS. In this article she writes about the changes she has made to her learning center in Arvaikheer.

I am Uuganaa, the manager of Arvakheer BOOKBRIDGE learning center. I have led this center since it was founded in 2008. Recently, I had the chance to go to Germany to see typical school activities at the FIS. Franconian International School surprised me with a very child-friendly environment. Battuul, Vannak and me had a great time to observe the cultural differences and to learn teaching methods from international teachers with different backgrounds. After I had returned to my hometown Arvaikheer I had a lot of energy to do things differently. And I started to implement the things that I had learned during my trip. My students were amazed.

1. Changes to studying environment

First I changed my teaching environment using internal resources. At FIS, I have seen how we can change the learning environment and the classroom using the resources we have. When Elaine (librarian at FIS) came with some of her students to Mongolia two weeks ago, they helped me to implement my idea on the ground:

2. More technology in everyday teaching

I don’t use technological teaching method very often during my classes. However, my class is focused on student-centered teaching. After I visited the FIS I thought that it would be a great idea to attract kids through technical improvements. Now regularly use listening sessions, videos and teaching songs. There is also a very useful website that Celia offered to me. It is one of the most important things to encourage kids to learn: Especially after these activites they like to discuss in English. They love it! I also felt that my teaching method has changed a lot due my new experiences!

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