Chinggis Learning Center

BOOKBRIDGE Learning Center in Chinggis Town was setup by the team of our very first CAS in Global Social Entrepreneurship in collaboration with Community Hero Ankhiluun and the Center of Philantrophy Studies at the University of Basel. Located in Eastern Mongolia, the learning center was opened on September 13, 2015.

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Ankhiluun Davaa

Ankhiluun Davaa
Head of Learning Center

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World Vision

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Foreign Language Learning Center
Chinggis Town
Khenti Province
Phone: +976 89001152


Cherish our Founders and Alumni

Chinggis Learning Center was established by a group of motivated candidates of CAS program by BOOKBRIDGE and the University of Basel:
Albert Konrad, Bruno Pirovino, Curdin Duschletta, Elisabeth Labadie, Hilda Đozić, Irene Schlatter, Kathrin Arioli and Markus Spillmann.