Cinema Program starts in Takeo

Watching English movies
Watching English movies at the first cinema event
The learning center staff in Takeo, Cambodia has dreamt of offering cinema events on a regular base for a long time. Now the dream has become true, writes Peace Corps volunteer Kate Marsh.

Two weeks ago, BOOKBRIDGE Learning Center in Takeo opened its doors to our very first Cinema Event. An ongoing cinema program has been a plan for a very long time, and it was very gratifying to finally see this program come to pass.

With beautiful new equipment- a large screen television, speakers and DVD player- over thirty students joined the first Cinema Event. The BOOKBRIDGE Fellows Marco and Susann had found a variety of cinema choices for the first event and four short English language learning films were chosen. These four short films- “The First Well,” “The Greatest Treasure,” “The King’s Secret,” and “The Wind and the Sun”- were all greatly enjoyed by the children. Even though the programs were in English, subtitles, repeated English phrases and words, and lively pictures delivered the messages of the short films clearly and nearly all of the students understood the films.

Discussing the movie
After the movie, the kids discussed different aspects and topics of the movies.
After each short film, Peace Corps volunteer and me, along with fellow Marco and local volunteer Sopheak, asked students questions about the films. Arranged into six teams with names given by themselves, the students competed to answer the questions first and correctly. After four rounds of questions and films, the Boy and Girl Baby team was declared the winner.
All of the students and adults involved greatly enjoyed the event, and look forward to continuing the event each Wednesday afternoon at the Learning Center.

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