Our candidates come from a very broad range of client organizations. We are truely building bridges between different sectors and generation of leaders with our program. The program is a great way to reward and retain key talents by offering them a once-in-a-lifetime experience as an entrepreneur in an unknown environment. We are proud to turn them and their organizations into next-generation leaders:

The Champion Guide

As our client, we are aware that you need a lot of entrepreneurial spirit to make the program happen in your organization. We do not leave you alone! To benefit from the lessons learnt from other organizations, we have created the Champion Guide. It contains all information to get internal support for the program, choose the right target group, nominate candidates for the program, brief line managers on the program, run the program in your organization and transfer the learnings into your organization. Contact Carsten for a copy.


What our clients say about us


“We are very impressed and satisfied with the results. The Program had a profound impact on the participants as leaders and persons. That’s why we have decided to extend our partnership and send another 5 candidates to next the program. For the 5 seats, 60 employees have applied.” Gareth Lewis, Member Executive Board, HILTI Group


“I have never seen a program where people can learn so much about entrepreneurship, intercultural leadership in such a short time.” Petra Ewald, Talent Development, Swisscom


“Leading a real project within an unusual and inspiring environment enabled our managers to directly apply their newly acquired management principles in the field, change perspectives, and put their skills to use in other contexts. This ability is becoming ever more important in our daily business life.” Dirk Blesius, Executive VP Human Resources, Kuehne + Nagel


“The BOOKBRIDGE Capability Programme allows young leaders to enhance their professional skills and become a changemaker.” Marcus Hipp, Executive Director, BMW Foundation

Eberhard von Koerber

“BOOKBRIDGE is an excellent concept for companies to become global social entrepreneurs.” Eberhard von Koerber, Former Co-President of the Club of Rome


Your contact

We aim for a joint pilot leading with the potential for a long-term partnership. If you would like to get engaged with us, feel free to drop us a message.


Carsten Rübsaamen
carsten [at]