Community Hero Sothika attends BridgeBuilder Summit

Sothika in front of a model of the site of Bridgebuilder summit
Sothika in front of a model of the site of Bridgebuilder summit
May 6th, 2018 has arrived and I am waiting with my co-workers at Phnom Penh airport. Me, that is Sothika Khoeun, Community Hero in Angtasom (Cambodia). I am really excited to travel overseas, over the continent, for the first time. We spend hours on the plane and can´t sleep even it is night time. Time zone changes from place to place, so it is hard to adapt. Sitting in the plane, waking up and eating and then sleeping again until we finally arrive in Frankfurt. Oh! This is the real Germany, not the one in the pictures. It is so fresh (and cold for me!) since the temperature is “only” around 22 degrees.

I now go to the train station to get to the Black Forest to attend Bridgebuilder Summit, the ultimate goal of this trip. I have to be ready and quick to find out the right train track, the wagon, and the seat number. Move and move quickly, that is what we have to do while jumping on the train. Eventually, me and my co-worker can´t find the right wagon and our seat number. But that is fine because there are most free seat. The train kept going and then I and my co-worker found our Sri Lanka’s friends, who will go to attend in the summit.

Sothika (right) with Community Heroes Sreydieb (left) and Ravy (center)
Sothika (right) with Community Heroes Sreydieb (left) and Ravy (center)
I got a warm welcome from Carsten when he picks us up. On the workshop day I can’t join all workshops because some of them happen at the same time but at least I can have a quick look through the window to observe what people are doing and discussing in the other workshops. People speak and share ideas. As far as my workshops are concernced, they were a collection of brainstormed ideas and might bring to a final decision. For instance, we talked about BOOKBRIDGE Vision 2020, finance, and entrepreneurship. In the workshop, I can see the reality of the expression of the BOOKBRIDGE values: don’t fall in love with your idea too quickly, share it with others and discover the power of community, be humble, trust others, keep at eye-level to every one you meet, and be grateful to what is given to you.

Everyone in the summit is simple (live simple). Carsten and the other board members are friendly and come to talk to me, even they didn´t know me before (be humble). People share ideas and collect input for making decisions (don’t fall in love with your idea too quickly). And all community heroes are grateful for what we are here in this summit. It’s great. I can talk directly with my CAP team in person and I learn to share ideas and learn more from the BOOKBRIDGE community. Keep building bridges.

Finally, this trip has given me a good lesson-learnt. I learn from other people’s point of view, I learn to strengthen my capacity of being a leader, and I learn to stimulate my entrepreneurship. I feel I am empowered to be entrepreneur after this summit. BOOKBRIDGE team is a rich support and I learn to ask and to use this support for the sake of my community. I wish to attend in this summit again next time!

2 thoughts on “Community Hero Sothika attends BridgeBuilder Summit

  • Ursula says:

    Thank you dear Sothika for sharing your experience in this interesting article post. 🙂

    • Sothika says:

      Also thank to you dear Ursi for your kind support and discuss with me the challenges at Angtasom. This is great. Hope to see you in person again with the Master Class team.

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