We call the world our home
BOOKBRIDGE FOUNDATION is based in Basel, Switzerland. In Germany, BOOKBRIDGE GmbH and BOOKBRIDGE Stiftungsfonds are fully owned by our Swiss Foundation. In Mongolia, Cambodia and Sri Lanka, we operate through local legal entities.

Funding Requests
Throughout the year, we receive proposal for projects or stipends from all around the world. Please note that we are not a grant-making foundation. We live off our own revenues in the Capability Program and solely invest into our learning centers. Unfortunately, we cannot support any external projects or stipend requests.

BOOKBRIDGE in Switzerland
Feierabendstrasse 80
CH – 4051 Basel
T +41 61 511 52 24

BOOKBRIDGE GmbH and Stiftungsfonds
Bürgerhaus Neumarkt
Fischergasse 1
D – 92318 Neumarkt
Phone: +49 9181 52 42 68 8

BOOKBRIDGE in Cambodia
BOOKBRIDGE Cambodia Building “A” (10th January 1979 High School)
St. Om Chhay, Monkdul II Village, Svay Dongkom District
Siem Reap City
T +855 1237 7586

BOOKBRIDGE in Mongolia
Nomin Guur NGO
Chingeltei district, 3rd khoroo, II 40000 Building 8/8 , Unit 47
T +976 9902 4406

Sri Lanka Scout Association
65/9, Sir Chittampalam A Gardiner Mawatha
Colombo 02
Sri Lanka


BOOKBRIDGE is a foundation promoting global educational equality. As a non-profit organization our basic purpose is to promote cooperative work between richer and poorer parts of the world. We set no religious, ethnic, economic or geographic preconditions. We want to achieve the goal of improving the quality of basic education. We create jobs in the educational sector, raise the profile of education in developing regions and promote participation of youth in the educational sector of their community. But we are not just a fundraiser for education in poorer regions: We also teach young people from richer communities what life in many parts of the world looks like. We do this in a spirit of understanding across cultures.

Feierabendstrasse 80
CH – 4051 Basel
T +41 61 511 52 24
Board Members
Abdullah Rasheed (President)
Curdin Duschletta
Barbara Kaech
Richard Rupp