Education Coach for Murun

Rajat with his students at Murun, Mongolia
Rajat with his students
Rajat Gaur has travelled from India to Mongolia to support our learning center in Murun, Mongolia as fellow. We introduce Rajat with a little interview.

Rajat, who are you and what do you do?
Hi! I am a professional trainer and coach in Education specialising in Language, Entrepreneurship and Communications. Currently, I’m in Mongolia as a BOOKBRIDGE fellow, supporting the English language teaching and other community based activities run by the learning centre in Murun, Khövsgöl.

Rajat teaching English to students in Murun, Mongolia
Rajat teaching English
How did you hear about BOOKBRIDGE?
Back in early 2010, while serving my notice period at an HRO firm I was looking for opportunities to work and live in Mongolia. The Google search results showed BOOKBRIDGE’s newly created Facebook page and I almost instantly knew that one day I would be going to work with them. I loved the concept, the philosophy and energy in all their projects throughout the years I followed them on social media trying not to let BOOKBRIDGE fall off my radar.

What do you expect from your fellowship?
This opportunity, to learn while supporting others learn, is the best one can get. My expectations are met already by the every day challenges of the way of life in Mongolia. I wish this fellowship helps me continue the same throughout my time here.

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