Explore-It Kit at the BridgeBuilder Summit

Bernhard and Yvonne (back row) gave science training to our Community Heroes
Bernhard and Yvonne (back row) gave science training to our Community Heroes
On May 8 at the Allerheiligen in the Black Forest, 11 of our Community Heroes had the special opportunity to receive training from the team of Explore-it Kit. This is a social enterprise striving to bring science and technology through active learning to students in the classroom.

Since 2012, Explore-it Kit have been providing kits for use by children aged 9 and up to learn basics of technology like the principles of flight, wind power to electricity and solar power. They also provide teacher training to educators to enable them to effectively utilize these materials in ways which stimulate curiosity and critical thinking in students.

Our Community Heroes spent the morning diving into the boxes provided to experience making pinwheels and exploring the most effective designs. After testing their designs, the facilitators had them test their creations. Rather than directly explain to them the faults of the pinwheels which did not turn, they led them through a process of questions to work it out for themselves.

Explore It brought our Community Heroes into action

The workshop was very much enjoyed by all as it not only gave them an opportunity to put themselves into the shoes of their students, but also provided new ideas for use in the classroom.

Explore it Kit believes that technology is an important element of our culture which shapes our times and influences our future. By engaging with technology, children and young people can graduate from the role of a consumer of technology and gain an independent, innovative and critical perspective on the technological world. This is mainly possible through active engagement with technical objects and the underlying scientific phenomena.

A big THANK YOU goes to Yvonne and Bernhard! Our Community Heroes will now test the Explore it Kits at their learning centers and feedback to us in autumn on how they envision their use in their communities. We are looking forward to their feedback. If you would like to hear what your Community Heroes experienced at the workshop at the Summit, watch one of the videos below.

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