Fellows arrive in Bulgan and Zuunkharaa

A little sceptical about her archery skills: Kathrin in Zuunkharaa
A little sceptical about her archery skills: Kathrin in Zuunkharaa
Our fellows Cony and Kathrin from Germany continued their trip to Mongolia and arrived at their destinations, BOOKBRIDGE learning centers in Bulgan and Zuunkharaa.

After their trip by Trans-Siberian Railways to Mongolia, Cony and Kathrin arrived in Ulaanbataar. They were welcomed by Tunga and Amar from the BOOKBRIDGE office in the Mongolian capital. During their time in Ulaanbaatar they attended workshops about safety and security as well as on how to work with Mongolian organisations. They also visited the city to learn more about Mongolia’s history and culture.

Then, they travelled to Dalanzadgad in the south of Mongolia where the candidates of our fourth Capability Program will set-up a learning center. Afterwards they visited the learning center in Arvaikheer in Uvurkhangai province enjoying beautiful places like the ancient capital Kharkhorim where Chingis Khan had his palace.

After having received a good overview of BOOKBRIDGE’s work in Mongolia, they left for their respective work places where they were welcomed by the local BOOKBRIDGE staff. Cony will work in Bulgan, Kathrin will support the learning center in Zuunkharaa. Maralmaa, BOOKBRIDGE Community Hero in Bulgan and head of the learning center, had prepared a workshop for her team to prepare it for the work with a fellow and to introduce Cony. The workshop is the result of the staff training workshop that took place in August. The fellows will support the learning centers by providing activities and supporting the English courses offered by the centers.

Want to hear more about the fellows? Cony blogs about her stay in Mongolia at nachostenundweiter.

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