First Staff Workshop in Cambodia

Heads of Learning Center at a focus groups discussion
Heads of Learning Center at a focus groups discussion
BOOKBRIDGE conducted a workshop for Cambodian staff for the first time after three years of its operation in the country. The workshop not just involved the learning center staff, but also Peace Corps Volunteers who support BOOKBRIDGE learning centers in Takeo. In this blog, Samantha Blau, a Peace Corps volunteer in Takeo, gives her personal impression about the workshop.

A three-day workshop was held at the newest BOOKBRIDGE learning center in Tonloab, Kirivong, Takeo Province last week. It was led by Sokhan Khut, BOOKBRIDGE country manager for Cambodia, and Stacy Biggs, a Peace Corps Volunteer who works with BOOKBRIDGE Learning Center in Angtasom, Takeo. 2 BOOKBRIDGE Cambodia team members, 4 Heads of Learning Centers, 1 full-time teacher/assistant to Head of Learning Center, 3 librarians, 3 American Peace Corps Volunteers, and BOOKBRIDGE fellow Malin from the learning centers in Takeo, Angtasom and Tonloab and Siem Reap attended the workshop.

A Head of Learning Center presents her learnign center's successes to the participants
A Head of Learning Center presents her learnign center’s successes to the participants
The workshop allowed staff members to share their successes with other learning centers, as well as discuss challenges and ways to overcome them. The main goal of the workshop was for each center to create their own goals and objectives, and identify strategies to help reach them. In small groups staff discussed the goals of BOOKBRIDGE learning centers throughout Cambodia, and then thought of ways they could meet these goals. Then each center chose which ones they would like to focus on over the next year, and created a plan to reach them. Attendees walked away with a realistic plan of action to meet their goals and objectives.

Beside focusing on setting goals for their learning centers, the participants had fun taking part in a hike to a historical hill site located not far from the workshop venue. They did not just enjoy the hike together but also created a closer relationship between each learning center.

It was a great experience for everyone involved. The workshop was the first of its kind in Cambodia, but will not be the last. Participants said that it was very helpful, and that they learned a lot. It was a great opportunity to discuss new ideas with staff members from different learning centers. Participants left the workshop excitedly to implement the new plans in their learning centers.

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