Free Play Training for Pre-School at Krousar Yeoung Organization

BOOKBRIDGE team Cambodia attended at a 4-days training about free play in pre-schools. The training took a place in Phnom Penh at Krousar Yeoung organization. This organization is one of organizations, which has been recognized by Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport in Cambodia in providing some services on education. The training was supported by BOOKBRIDGE Quality Initiative Fund.

The introduction of free play in activities at pre-school meets several needs: a natural need to play experienced by every child, a need to respect the rights of the child recognized by States, a need to develop certain skills or abilities of the child, a need to ensure better integration into school and society. Time and spaces for free play where a child can experience by himself or learn how to be autonomous, to acquire self-confidence, to develop his creative at his own rhythms and manner, should be reserved for him, especially for every young children.

Objectives of this training

  • It presents the importance of free play for early childhood development.
  • It offers practical instructions on how to set up a free play session and experience it in real situation.
  • It offers ideas of games adapted to children between the ages of 3 to 6 in Cambodia.

The main contents of the training

  • Why encourage implementing free play?
  • What is Specific positive impact of free play?
  • What is playing? And what is free play?
  • A song: we play a free play session
  • The ESAR classification
  • Why categorize game?
  • ESAR classification and four categories of games A song: the four categories of games
  • How to run a free play session?
  • What to do before free play session? Key conditions
    of a play session and choose the games and prepare the layout of the games
  • What to do during the free play session? Role of the play leader before playtime Role
    during playtime Role of the play leader at the end of the session A song: we keep our
    games in the box.
  • Challenges and solutions
  • Organize space and games for a free play session (ESAR games) Real practicum at
    preschool Reflection meeting Production of games (to and from, fishing game, spinning
    tops, pull-along car, skittle)

During the workshop we really learned and experienced a lot from the concepts that I mentioned above. We did not only learn the theories but we earned a lot from the practical areas. We and other teams had a lot of time to exchange and share some previous experiences.

All in all, this workshop really provided us a lot of ideas on producing materials from recycled items and how to apply them for teaching young students with different ages.

Watch these videos to learn what participants Kakada and Sothika think about the training:

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