From Mongolia to Europe: Buyankhishig’s visit

Buyanaa visited Europe for the first time
Buyanaa visited Europe for the first time
Buyankhishig “Buyanaa” Zunorov, our new Community Hero in Khovd, Mongolia, visited our offices and projects in Europe. In this interview she shares her experiences.

Buyanaa, you decided to do the long travel to Europe. Why?
It would have been my first time in Europe and I was given a chance to come here by BOOKBRIDGE and the Franconian International School (FIS). My goal was to meet the candidates of my Capability Program who will support me to set up my learning center in Khovd and to do an internship at the FIS.

What did you do during your stay?
During our stay, I and Cambodian Community Hero Kimsorn stayed Carstens’ first three days in Basel. We visited the BOOKBRIDGE office. Then we met the project teams of Capability Program 10 and participated in the module 1 training on April 27-29 in Leuenberg. After module 1, I had the most wonderful day in my life in Luzern: for the first time, I was on a ship, for the first time I was on the high peak of a mountain. I felt like I was dreaming. Thank you everyone who I met in Europe and special thanks to Carsten and Elaine and their families!

Buyanaa with students at Franconian International School
Buyanaa with students at Franconian International School
On May 1, we travelled to Erlangen to start our internship at FIS. We had so beneficial and amazing days there, meeting and teaching children from many different countries and gaining much experience from potential teachers, seeing their great works and visiting wonderfully organized libraries.

What did you learn?
During my stay in Switzerland and the module 1 session, I learnt about how BOOKBRIDGE started, how to build teams, how to write a business plan, social entrepreneurship, leadership, different cultures, and setting up my learning center’s vision. At FIS I got many useful ideas for student-centered teaching, learning environment, working with kids and library activities for ESL. I also observed an high school geography class. Additionally, I learnt a lot from my host families: how to behave and bring up children, how to serve guests, how to manage everyday life and time.

What would you advise the next community hero who comes?
Prepare much information about your country and your community in detailed topics. Also, you should be ready for any questions students might ask about your country, community and family so you should be able to provide them with correct and interesting information.

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