Funny Faces for Batticaloa

Funny faces and motivated candidates: the team of CAP11
Funny faces and motivated candidates: the team of CAP11
Why do these people look so funny? Want to create such funny faces yourself? Then read the following instructions from CAP11 team for Batticaloa:

The recipe is complex, the ingredients are rare. In a unique and broad setting you mix together 13 people from Europe and the US and 9 people from Sri Lanka. Let them knead a joint vision of creating a life-long learning eco-system and ask them to shape it as a Social Business in Sri Lanka.

Then add a pinch of time restrictions, there should not be more than 6 months of time in total. Ask the people to convince an investor of their plans to get a seed capital of 20,000 EUR. Let them meet in a virtual workshop six weeks before the investor pitch and let them list the open questions, uncertain assumptions and nitty-kritty details which have to be kept in mind for the implementation of their plans.

In the end ask them how they feel – and you will have this very special mix of overwhelmed, confident, confused and happy faces!

Congratulations Team Bananas and Team Palmyra, you are our Capability Program 11 and you did a wonderful job in your virtual module 2! We keep fingers crossed for your preparation of the investor pitch in February.

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