Generating income and offering new courses

How can educational institutions generate more income?
How can educational institutions generate more income?
How can schools generate additional income? This article sets out ways to generate extra money using a school’s existing resources and courses. School and academy leaders are currently facing increasingly squeezed budgets, higher demand for school places or growing concerns about young people’s learning need. Schools are expected to balance these while providing a high-quality education and a positive springboard into children, teenagers adolescences and adults. These thoughts were also discussed during our Cambodian team’s staff training.

Having started a teaching career in community development in schools, I have experienced many of these challenges first-hand, but have also witnessed some great examples of schools taking a proactive and efficient approach to responding to some of them. These are the institutions that have spotted the silver linings and are making the most of them for the benefit of their pupils and the wider community.

Here I will discuss why I think it’s so important for schools to consider generating their income through focusing on new school curriculums needed, building up a good communication with stakeholders, setting up more projects, and applying the PBL strategy to attract potential beneficiaries. Investing in this, this can have wide benefits for the organisation, young people and the whole community.

Building up a good communication with stakeholders

Here, we should take a look at the respective customers of a school such as teachers, academic researchers, policy makers, parents, local people, and teacher training institutions, parents and local authorities. We should do this to collect feedback from them to set up a unique high-quality education for the adolescences and the wider community before another competitive institute will have started up new education organisations.

Applying the PBL strategy to attracting potential beneficiaries

The PBL is highly recommended to be applied in the lesson planning where students can sit down in a group of three or four to follow instructions and discuss to explore a language. At the same time, the school should promote do digital marketing like promoting its offers on its website, facebook, write blog posts, and produce marketing materials when needed.

To draw the conclusion, it was a wonderful opportunity to have met our community heroes in Takeo province. Our community heroes have strongly committed on finding new gateways out to reach the yearly goals and stay stable as a long term social enterprise.

One thought on “Generating income and offering new courses

  • Hello from Germany,
    9 years ago we build the Phum Svay Primary School, near Siem Reap Cambodia.
    At the Moment we have a Kindergarten and 5 classrooms (step I to 6).
    In the next 8 month we want to build 5 more classrooms and a little Health Center with Pharmacy for the villagers.

    Since 5 weeks we wait for the ok of Apsara Authority for the buildings. Our future plan is to cange from step one to step 6 to step one to 9. We give the education free to the children. There is no differnce between Boys and Girls.
    We try to get the ok for step 9 or 12. But that is not easy. The masterteacher want to stop by step 6 and want to make a bigger kindergarden. That is not our meaning. The Children need a higher education.

    After the school we give 20 Children the Change to get a education as Cook, bookholding and hotel- / restaurant manger with normal salary.

    That is one of our projects. We allso take care for the Peak Sneng Health Center. Last year we open a new building for people to help and educate against bloodsuggar.
    Our plan here is to build a nursing schoool for 120 students, eduction 3 years. International standart.

    Fror us it is not easy to find the right ministery for the ok.

    We invest in the last years yearly between 20000€ an 40000€. We have no problems to get ground.
    2 years ago we buy ground directly by Phum Svay Primary School.

    In Germany we are registert under IFAAR e.V. (non provit making association) in Cambodia Development and Education for Children (Cambodian NGO)

    Sorry our Webpage is not actuell. At the Moment we use the money for the projects, not for a new webpage.

    I hope someone know a official mailadress to get all needed ok. The problem is ok from ministery of Health and or Education. Or both?

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