Welcome to Gilwell Reunion

The Team at Gilwell Reunion 2017

Since 91 years, scout leaders across the UK gather at Gilwell Park on the first weekend of September to get inspired by program ideas, celebrate and have fun together at Gilwell Reunion. Many scouts came to our booth in the international tent and showed interest in earning the Community Impact Badge and Global Issues Badge by engaging with us.

For the past years, our book champions Vicky, Kay and Alan have been representing BOOKBRIDGE at Gilwell Reunion. This year, Carsten joined them for the very first time and fulfilled one of his dreams: sleeping in a tent at Gilwell Park. Upon arrival on Friday, the entire campground had already been filled with cars and tents. Vicky had asked a fellow scout to reserve a spot for us and we were lucky to be placed right next to the UK Scout Radio Caravan.

For international programs, UK Scouts had setup a big white tent. Upon entering there, you could discover many different facets of scouting around the world. It was amazing to see what was on offer for UK Scouts who are interested in getting engaged abroad. Many scouts stopped by and took our leaflets on how to engage with us and earn the Community Impact and Global Issues Badge. We collected many addresses and we are looking forward to the follow up.

We would like to thank all scouts who have visited our booth. If you have missed us, you’ll find all information at www.bookbridge.org/uk/ .

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