GMP+4 Team pitched successfully to their investor

Georgie and Henning, GMP+4 Team Members, deliver the investor pitch at WHU Campus Düsseldorf

After 2 months of in-depth research, business modelling and teamwork across cultures and timezones, the team of our 4th WHU General Management Plus Program successfully pitched their business plan to Bolor and Pierre Lorinet from Oyun Foundation. And they did it! With EUR 20,000 as a soft loan and certain strings attached, the team now sets out for the next stage: implementing what they pitched in Sainshand, Mongolia!

End of January, Batchimeg left her family in Sainshand, Mongolia to visit Germany. It was her very first time in Europe. She did not know what to expect. Her key driver was to make a difference for the next generation in her home town. In Düsseldorf, she met 11 passionate team members at WHU Campus Düsseldorf. Together, they created a joint vision for an exciting place for learnings of all ages to learn and develop.

Pierre debriefs the GMP+4 Team after the pitch

Following weeks of user research, iterative business modelling and agile teamwork across timezones and cultures, Gerogie and Henning from the GMP+4 Team pitched the business plan for Batchimeg‘s Learning Center to Bolor and Pierre Lorinet from Oyun Foundation. For this occasion, Pierre had taken the effort to fly in from Singapore to meet the team in person. He had previously participated in BOOKBRIDGE‘s 8th Capability Program, leading to the setup of Nangaa‘s learning center in Mandalgovi. Intrigued by the model and the idea of BOOKBRIDGE, he and his wife decided to place invest with their foundation into a learning center in Mongolia.

And they did it! Following a convincing pitch, Pierre and Bolor agreed to place their investment under the condition that the team reviews the marketing strategy as well as the viability of the business model. Congratulations to the GMP+4 Team for reaching this important milestone on their learning journey as entrepreneurs. The team has another 7 weeks until they all meet in Sainshand, Mongolia to implement their business plan.

Happy Faces after the pitch. GMP+4 Team Members in Sainshand and Düsseldorf are ready for the next step!

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