GMP+4 Team opens up Batchimeg‘s learning center in Sainshand

Off to Sainshand: the GMP+4 Team at Ulaanbaatar Train Station

We are very proud to announce the opening of Batchimeg‘s Learning Center in Sainshand, Mongolia. Since the investor pitch in March, the GMP+4 Team worked hard on the implementation of their business plan. We keep fingers crossed for the first days of operation and the long-term success of the learning center.

Only 7 weeks ago, the GMP+4 Team successfully pitched the business plan for their social enterprise to Bolor and Pierre Lorinet from Oyun Foundation. The team worked hard to fulfill the conditions by their investors and prepare the opening of their learning center.

Stefan, GMP+4 Team Member discovers the library. The books had been collected by our book champions in Erlangen and London.

Last Saturday, the GMP+4 Team touched grounds in Ulaanbaatar. By Transsiberian railways, they set out onto their journey to Sainshand, approximately 450km east of Mongolia‘s capital. The team made use of the train journey for team building exercises as well as a discussion around tasks immediately to be done upon arrival. After 4 months of intensive teamwork across cultures and time zones, Team North and Team South of our 4th WHU General Management Plus Program finally met each other. The Mongolian Team members around Community Hero Batchimeg had invested a lot of time and effort in preparing the learning center infrastructure for the opening. The objective was to leave as much time possible for the critical phase after the opening. How many students would come? How would the community members of Sainshand perceive the new offering?

Invitation flyer for the community members in Sainshand

On Wednesday, May 24, 12 PM Mongolian Time, the learning center opens its doors to the community of Sainshand. The team distributed invitations to all community members, inviting them to discover an “exciting place for learnings of all ages to develop and improve English language skills. Furthermore it is a place for the whole family to have fun, meet and develop your personal skills.”

We are proud that the team acts as fully self-responsible entrepreneurs on the ground. They have been prepared by their leadership coach Heike Rudolf von Rohr for their journey. On-site, Heike supports the team in regular virtual coaching sessions on their learning journey as entrepreneurs.

We keep fingers crossed for the first days after the opening. Beginning July, the team will convene again in Sainshand and at WHU in Düsseldorf to assess the impact they have created and transfer their personal and professional learnings out of the program into their daily lives.


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