GMP+5 kicked off with WHU

From June 11 to June 15, we kicked off our 5th General Management Plus Program (GMP+) with our academic partner WHU Executive Education. A very diverse team of 17 candidates from 7 countries attended lectures on entrepreneurship and business modelling while starting their learning journey as social entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka. 

Real magic happened at the Düsseldorf Campus of WHU! 17 candidates from 7 different countries came together to attend a week full of entrepreneurial thinking at its best! During the first three days, Prof. Witt and Prof. Hienerth from WHU equipped candidates with essential management knowledge on strategy formulation, business model development and pitching. In the following 2 days, Marisol Borbon, Matthias Augustin and Carsten Rübsaamen kicked off their learning journey as a social entrepreneur in Sri Lanka.

GMP+5 Team meet their investors online

Within five days, the team bonded together and set a joint vision on what they would like to achieve in the upcoming ten months. Community Hero Anuradha joined the sessions in Düsseldorf and introduced his target community and the team in Sri Lanka. The team also had the chance to meet their investors Selma, Clara and Knut. The week ended with the celebration of their vision“to open a creative a learning space connecting people, through innovation and initiative taking”.

Following the kick off module, virtual teamwork on needs assessment and business modelling begins. Our 17 candidates from Poland, Turkey, Germany, Sri Lanka, Spain, Australia and France will develop a business plan and get ready to pitch to their investors during their next physical meeting at WHU Düsseldorf in October 2018.

We are very excited to see how this business impact project develops and how Anuradha, one of our youngest community heroes, is able to offer skills in his community and run a self-sustained learning center in his community Hungama.

GMP+5 Team jumping high during their kickoff at WHU


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