GMP+5 team having fun as entrepreneurs!

Meet our GMP+5 team!
Meet our GMP+5 team!
It has been one month since we kicked-off our 5th General Management Plus Program (GMP+) at the Düsseldorf Campus of WHU and the candidates seem to be having a lot of fun.

This crazy faces picture was last week in the virtual Module 2 of the program, where the candidates reflected, together with Matthias Augustin, the Business Coach, on how the team work is going. In a 4 hours virtual meeting the team discussed the things that are working and what needs to be improved. They also got a refresh on Design Thinking and the Business Model Canvas from Matthias and with this the team defined a plan on how to move on and get ready for their next important milestone: The Investor’s Pitch.

During Module 3 in October, the team will need to convince the investors on the feasibility of their social enterprise in Sri Lanka. After some research in the community the team defined 6 stakeholders’ groups and their main needs, which will be a good basis to design a business model and dive in the preparation of the Business Plan and Pitch. They will continue working as a virtual team of social entrepreneurs driven by a common vision to bring opportunities to the community of Hungama, Sri Lanka.

There is no doubt that working virtually and with people from different countries and cultures is a challenge, but this team is showing us that you can have fun while doing it!

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