GMP+5 team’s Investor Pitch

GMP+5 team after a successful pitch.
GMP+5 team after a successful pitch.

GMP+5 Team did an amazing job during Module 3 when they pitched to their investors and got the loan for their social enterprise in Hungama, Sri Lanka.  The team met at the WHU Düsseldorf Campus and worked virtually with the team in Sri Lanka to present their business idea and convince the investor.  Congratulations!


The preparation for the pitch started in the virtual weekly meetings that the team is having since Module 1, but things got real when the team met at Düsseldorf on October 11 for their 3rd Module and had to organize and prepare every single detail for a good presentation to their investor in only 1 day. With the support of Matthias Augustin, the business coach, a lot of passion, commitment, teamwork, and some late night pizza, the team prepared a very well-structured and convincing presentation. On Friday, Oct 12, the team welcomed the investors and presented their business idea; after a long Q&A session the investors announced their willingness to invest and the celebration started.

But just a quick celebration because the team had to get back to work and prepare themselves for the implementation phase. They will travel to Sri Lanka in January where they will bring the business plan to life. A lot needs to be done but this team has shown a great commitment and we are sure they will do a great job supporting Anuradha in his vision to inspire the new generation of Hungama and creating a learning hub to help the community to develop.

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