GSE2 Candidates in Sri Lanka

The team: Sri Lankan and European candidatesOn March 3, the 14 members of the GSE2 team arrived in Sri Lanka in order to meet and work with Sampath Sri Senawatte, our Community Hero in Kekirawa. This week they will be joining forces with the local team, preparing for an open day to be held on March 8 and putting the final touches on their implementation plan and kick starting their business.

The team started working together back in October 2016 when they met for the first time. The team is very diverse and has a wide spectrum of ages, backgrounds, experiences and nationalities. This diversity has proved to be one of the team’s strengths with skills, knowledge and experience from a wide background.

After an intensive co-creation phase and development of a business plan with the support of leadership and business coaches, the team successfully pitched to the investor from Hilti in January, securing the start up capital required to get the learning center off the ground. Working virtually with Sampath, they made the initial preparations for the opening and start up of the learning center. They faced numerous challenges, bumps in the road, with the most significant being the loss of first building they planned to use for the learning center. However, through hard work, perseverance and support from the European team, Sampath was able to secure a new and suitable location and prepare it in time for the arrival of the team.

The learning centerThe opening day of the learning center will be an opportunity for the local community to visit the new center, experience the library and the computer lab and learn more about the vision and mission of the learning center and its future offerings in English and ICT. The GSE2 candidates are working hard together with their local counterparts to prepare the learning center for this special day.

Kekirawa Learning Center will soon offer courses in English and ICT for children, youth and adults, with a planned opening in April. Its vision is to build an empowered and inspired sustainable community with knowledge, skills and values and a positive attitude towards life.

Mission: The KLC is designed to meet the needs of the Kekirawa community, including children, teenagers, youth, and adults, assisting them to discover their own talents and develop themselves to be self-sufficient members of the community. The KLC provides high-quality and student-centered education and training, with a strong focus on English language, information technology and on new forms of media to all members of the community.

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