GSE2 kick off with joint vision for Sri Lanka

End of October, 22 candidates from 11 nations set out for their learning journey as social entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka. We are very proud of the successful kickoff of our 2nd CAS in Global Social Entrepreneurship. The team faces the challenge to develop, implement and evaluate a community-based learning center in Kekirawa, Sri Lanka. Over the course of 6 months, they work together with Sri Lankan counterparts from Kekirawa.

GSE2 Module 1
GSE2 Team light Sri Lankan Oil Lamp in Basel

What a magical moment! On the last days of module 1, 22 candidates lid two candles to celebrate their joint vision to make the world in Kekirawa a little bit better than they have found it. 14 candidates found themselves at the University of Basel. Their 8 counterparts from Sri Lanka celebrated this moment in Kekirawa, Sri Lanka. A video conference allowed both teams to experience this moment together.

In module 1, both team experienced what it takes to unite very different characters from 11 nations towards one joint goal. Starting with lectures on social entrepreneurship, business modeling and world economy in the first two days, the team in Basel was challenged on day 3 to stop talking and start doing. Together with their Sri Lankan counterparts, they developed a joint vision and the first set of their business model canvas. Emilie Barrallon Engeli assisted the team as business coach while Heike Rudolf von Rohr accompanies the team as leadership coach.

GSE2 Sri Lankan Team
Business Coach Eranda guides Sri Lankan Team

In Sri Lanka, the team of 8 candidates around Community Hero Sampath is accompanied by Eranda Ginige as business coach. Eranda makes use of the setup of the learning center as a case to train candidates in setting up their own social enterprises. By that way, the CAS in Global Social Entrepreneurship nurtures (social) entrepreneurial thinking and acting not only in the Global North, but in the Global South as well.

GSE2 Module 2
22 crazy faces in module 2

Six weeks later, the team met again for module 2. This time, all candidates joined virtually for a 4h-module. They discussed what they liked about their teamwork so far and made concrete decisions on how to make it better. Following this, each working group updated the team on their current status and the team organized itself for the next phase of the project – pitching the business plan for their learning center to their investor in the upcoming module 3 in January.

What unites the GSE2 team is a strong team spirit and a culture which nurtures exchange and empathy for each other. We are proud of what they team has achieved so far and we keep fingers crossed for their pitch in January.

Are you interested in joining our next CAS? Feel free to contact Carsten at carsten [at] for more information on our 2017 programs.

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