Halloween at Murun and other News from Mongolia

Maralmaa and fellow Cony prepared traditional Buuz with the children
Maralmaa and fellow Cony prepared traditional Buuz with the children
After the summer break in Mongolia ended in September, our learning centers started their winter’s term activities and courses. In this blog post we present some that took place in Bulgan, Murun and Zavkhan.

At our learning center in Bulgan, Maralmaa (the Head of the learning center) offered a project for children to discover what it means to be a real Mongolian. The first lesson was about what people eat in Mongolia. The answer was: Buuz! The kids then started to prepare the traditional meat dumplings: they prepared the dough with flour and water and cut onions and minced beef. Then they proved that they knew how to use their skills to make really delicious dumplings. The buuz were steamed – and at the end there wasn’t even one of them left as they were just too delicious! (By the way – in one of the buuz was a ring hidden. The lucky finder won a prize! Congratulations!) In the second lesson of the children dealt with the question for traditional clothing. They brought their traditional costumes, games and toys like wooden puzzles, a miniature ger (“yurt”) and horse-head violin, and of course the most common Mongolian game consisting of sheep’s and goat’s ankle bones. They enjoyed both playing nicely and looking great at the same time!

English class for adults in Bulgan
English class for adults in Bulgan
On October 22nd Maralmaa started a new English course for adults at the Social Welfare Service Department of Bulgan. The participants have a basic knowledge of English and are eager to learn more. We are happy about this new collaboration that will hopefully improve the skills of the department’s employees during the next weeks.

Activities at Zavkhan Learning Center
Dulamsuren, Head of our learning center in Zavkhan, started a speaking club on Saturdays. The club is attended by three groups of students and supported by Peace Corps Voluteers Emily Rohrlach, Melinda Dolphyn and Christie Gringras.

Halloween party at the learning center in Bulgan, Mongolia
Halloween party at the learning center
Halloween at Murun Learning Center
As you can see on the picture, Halloween was a big issue at our learning center in Murun. The kids enjoyed a lot dressing up and painting their faces.

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