Help wanted for Book Sorting Event in London

Book sorting event London 2012
Scouts and parents from East London Scout Group helped at the book sorting event in 2012
We are still looking for volunteers to help us to sort books that will be send to our learning centers in Cambodia and Mongolia. The sorting event will take place from July 25 to July 28 at Hargreaves Scout Activity Centre which is located northeast of London. If you are interested, please contact Vicky Thompson and Kay Legett from East London Scouts who organize the event at ukscouts [at]

The East London Scouts have been supporting Bookbridge for a long while with organizing several big sorting events where they sorted thousands and thousands of books. For the next sorting event from Juli 25-28 they need your help! Come and join us to sort books and to have a lot of fun!

Vicky Thompson from East London Scouts organizes the event
Vicky Thompson from East London Scouts organizes the event
We will begin the event at 6am on Thursday 25th July, with a team of adults unloading the main lorry of books. At 12pm, we will open the event to our younger people and they can then assist the adults with the sorting event itself.
The scouts will provide lunch and refreshments for anyone helping during the day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be available for those who are helping and staying at Hargreaves overnight (a cost of £6 may apply to anyone staying the night).
During the sorting event, a number of tasks need to be completed:

  • Emptying lorries of boxes
  • Preparing sorting categories
  • Checking books for damage/defacement
  • Sorting books into categories
  • Packing sorted books into new boxes for transport
  • Preparing meals and cooking dinner
  • Camp fire

Even if you feel that you can’t help with the lifting involved with the lorries or perhaps have trouble standing, you can still help out at a Sorting Event. There is plenty of work to go around and everyone is welcome, regardless of age or abilities.
The event will close on Sunday 28th July at 6pm and we hope all the books have been sorted, packed and sent by that point!!
For any info, please contact us here or at ukscouts [at] You find all information about the event on the facebook event site.

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