Hilti collects books in England

Hilti Book Collection Campagin
With posters throughout Great Britain, Hilti will collect books for BOOKBRIDGE
Hilti Great Britain collects books for BOOKBRIDGE. The campaign will start today and last until Juli 15th.

With the help of its 21 branches in Great Britain, Hilti will collect books for our libraries and support us with estabilishin new libraries in Cambodia in 2013. From June 15th to July 15th, the company participates with the Hilti Foundation in an initiative with international reach to improve the lives of thousands of children who do not have access to formal education.

The Hilti Foundation supports a series of selected activities and projects worldwide which include affordable housing, disaster relief and education. Throughout, the Foundation’s focus is on self-help and sustainability, which also reflects the values of the Hilti family and the Hilti Group.

We are very happy about this new campaign and the great support Hilti gives us with collecting books and education material for our libraries.

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