How a Smart Team Convinced Tough Investors

Excited to have concinved the investors: the CAP9 team
Excited to have concinved the investors: the CAP9 team
You got an idea on what collective intelligence means when listening to the pitch of our Capability Program 9 to their investor, Swiss Re Foundation. After an excellent presentation by three team members, the whole group piloted itself through an extensive questionnaire on detailed and core parts of their business case. In the end, the investors expressed their respect for the team’s work and said yes – however under the condition of certain homework to be done within the coming weeks.

Sun was shining brightly after several foggy weeks when the team arrived in Boldern, Switzerland on Thursday. This put energy and moods to a high level and the team used the afternoon with their business coach Jorge to do a Mock Pitch and finalize their presentation. After three month of only virtual work it was the first time the team met again in person. Friday morning started rainy but the team atmosphere was fantastic – besides normal excitement there was a great spirit of confidence and the feeling “Yes, we will do this and convince the investors!”

When investors Angela Marti and Gerhard Lohmann from Swiss Re Foundation arrived the team let them directly dive into their story and plans for Chreav learning center. Lisa from Hilti and Eleanor from Swisscom represented team North while Ravy, future Community Hero for Chreav, represented team South. The presentation was very well done by all three of them, entertaining and at the same time very informative and competently presented.

Ravy from Chreav presented the Cambodian team's business plan
Ravy from Chreav presented the Cambodian team’s business plan
The Q&A session afterwards was all the more exciting as it felt like a cross-examination. But it seemed that as the questions got deeper and deeper into details the more the collective intelligence of the team grew. The session had a perfectly spontaneous flow as the team passed the question balls to each other making it very entertaining to listen to them.

In the end the investors said yes – Swiss Re Foundation will invest in the learning center. They also expressed their respect for the work of the team so far. Nevertheless, the investors stated some conditions with their yes: The team will have to deepen its market research and do further calculations. Some team members were a little disappointed but others saw it as an advice and chance to strengthen their business case even more. After an Aperó with the investors the team immediately went to work again and in the afternoon prepared their on-site time in Cambodia.

The last day Saturday was – as in module 1 – dedicated to team-building and leadership journey. Leadership coach Boris Billing let the team reflect on their work as a team so far, gave them feedback on their leadership challenges and achievements and looked at the upcoming time in Cambodia and aspects of the intercultural collaboration all accompanied by a beautiful sun shining on Zurich lake. Well done team, next stop: Cambodia!

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