An emotional and successful pitch from IAP1 Team

IAP1 team after their successful pitch.

The IAP1 team did an amazing job in their pitch to the investor during Module 3.  Not only they got the funds needed to open the learning center in Steung Sen, Cambodia but also convinced the investor for a higher amount, and she even agreed to support more if they develop one offering for a specific target group.

The preparation for the pitch started in the virtual weekly meetings that the team is having since Module 1, but things got real when the team met in person on December 4 for their 3rd Module and had to organize and prepare every single detail for a good presentation to their investor in only 1 day. For three days they worked virtually with the candidates in Cambodia and Sanha, the Community Hero. With the support of Jorge Cendales, the business coach, Steffi Neumann, the leadership coach, a lot of passion, commitment and teamwork, the team prepared a very well-structured and convincing gallery walk presentation, and with a very emotional ending, they immediately convinced the investor. The answer from the investor came without discussion or conditions, it was a clear YES. Congratulations to the team!

After a quick but very joyful celebration, the team had to get back to work and prepare themselves for the implementation phase. They will travel to Cambodia end of February where they will bring the business plan to life. We keep fingers crossed for this team and their learning center in Steung Sen.

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