Illiteracy Initiative started in Tonloab

Vannak leads students to learn by playing.
Vannak leads students to learn by playing.
BOOKBRIDGE Learning Center Tonloab has always been a role model. Due to its innovative learning approaches that are very new to the Cambodian educational system, it can provide our other Cambodian learning centers with good practices. Besides implementing student-centered learning activities, the center also manages to solve problems with the community. These approaches help to realize our Learning Center vision 2020 and yearly goals.

Vannak Pen, Head of the learning center, has been implementing a number of student-centered learning activities that have definitely given the learning center a head start. Students are very engaged in learning while having fun at the same time. Among those activities are learning by singing (singing club); learning by playing (new educational games); learning by expressing (speaking club); students learning functional English they will use at home or at their parents’ businesses; engaging parents and earning their trust; in-class teaching session structured into different sub-sessions (Core English based on textbook, drawing, watching video & singing, and practicing by playing), and more.

Vannak does a short video clip to promote the learning center's speaking club.
Vannak does a short video clip to promote the learning center’s speaking club.
Tracking student’s progress by filming
Vannak has integrated some of these new approaches into his learning center’s curriculum. To track student’s progress but also to promote the center’s offerings, Vannak films these activities. Thanks to these learning activities, he expects the students’ learning effectiveness to increase so that students will be able to use English better in class and their daily life. However, the challenge remains. The pragmatism, efficiency and quality of the implementation have yet to be optimized so that results can be be maximized. Vannak says that students are happy with the new fun learning activities and enjoy learning together with their peers. They have already started to speak more English with their friends although this is just the beginning. Also, being filmed makes them proud and might contribute to their learning motivation.

Students work in team in the newly introduced speaking club initiated by Vannak.
Students work in team in the newly introduced speaking club initiated by Vannak.
Illiteracy initiative started
Regarding solving a problem of Tonloab’s community, the learning center has introduced a social and educational initiative to fight the persistently high illiteracy and semi-literacy rate in rural Cambodia. Vannak is currently piloting supplementary literacy classes free of charge for slow learners in the community who might drop out of school to early thus not having sufficient skills to find good jobs, especially when looking at our competitive, globalized and integrated world. This initiative will help to improve the center’s social impact on the community – one of the main goals of our learning centers.

The incremental changes Vannak is doing try to realizing sustainability, growth and quality not only for learning center Tonloab but for all BOOKBRIDGE Learning Centers. We are very excited about them and hope that Tonloab’s initiatives can be a good example for our other learning centers.

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