Impact Session in Arvaikheer

Uuganaa (right) with students
Uuganaa (right) with students

Recently, our learning center in Arvaikheer, Mongolia has conducted an impact session with parents and students. 65 people, of them 40 parents and 25 students of different ages, participated.

First, we introduced last year’s review and highlights. Then we discussed the plan for the upcoming year. Then Uuganaa, Head of Learning Center, held a session about positive thinking. Parents were very interested in this session with their kids. It consisted of real cases. Also, students performed very well in English surprising their parents. Finally, we brainstormed about advantages and disadvantages and discussed how to improve some issues related to our learning center. Most importantly, parents showed interest in supporting and helping us. Overall, they were very satisfied with our yearly activities. The training lasted for three hours and ended with an animated conversations between teachers and parents.

Parents’ voices about the learning center:

  • My son Togoldor found his purpose to study English after attending the learning center’s classes. He really wants to join scouts.
  • We are glad that our kids are studying at a nice training center
  • Communication skills, respect and working as a team are best things of your students
  • By joining this center, my son is accustomed to learning new words quickly. He really likes to go to BOOKBRIDGE
  • My son is studying English very well. In my opinion, the quality of this learning center is very good. I am happy to see my son having many friends and improving his independence.
  • My daughter is able to read well in English and memorize new words. Also, she is really happy to go to classes. I am very satisfied with the training.
  • BOOKBRIDGE helped not only to learn English but also improve the students. Teachers help students with how to reflect on each other, all activities are based on their interests. I like the process of doing homework being checked on time. Thanks, Uugana, for being dedicated to her students.
  • The learning center is special and different from other training centers because of the fact that students have the opportunity to learn by themselves.
  • My daughter is always satisfied with the training.
  • Really focused on helping students to catch up with the others when they missed classes. Teaching has a good quality and my son’s eagernes to learn is improving.
  • I have no problem to tell. I am a supportive dad.
  • When my younger brother attended this center he couldn’t read in English but now he can read and write sentences and even speak little bit.
  • My daughter is always talking about her teacher and the center positively.
  • BOOKBRIDGE is always on time and makes me daughter being more honest.
  • I will send my niece and nephew in the future
Parents during one of the feedback sessions
Parents during one of the feedback sessions

Suggestions for improvements:

  • So far, I like the learning environment. If you have some issues let us know
  • If you need help, parents are ready to help.
  • It would be nice if there was a location to do sport exercises
  • If there is an air-conditioner, it would be the best
  • Need to change floor cover
  • Improve the toilet
  • Include new students to field trip
  • Handwashing points
  • Make benches in front of the gate
  • At least 2 activities for parents to participate
  • Remind your students to improve their responsibilities at home
  • Remind students about their duty to clean the classroom
  • Organize a BOOKBRIDGE reunion
  • Pay attention on students’ level within one group
  • If it is possible, can you decrease the number of the students in one group.
  • If you give a chance to speak with native speakers, that would be great.
  • Improve the sanitation system
  • Travel around with teachers to improve students’ life skills
  • Plant trees with students in the center’s yard

Students’ voices about the learning center:

  • BOOKBRIDGE helped me to improve my leadership skills and to find myself. Of course also to improve my English
  • I learned how to be responsible for everything and have self-confidence, be punctual and to make a lot of friends
  • I got high passion and interest to learn English more
  • I learned speaking English, also how to be a good disciplined student and respect others
  • When I joined BOOKBRIDGE, I was very shy and hardly to speak others at first. Now I got over the challenges I faced. I also learned writing sentences in English and even speaking it. Thanks to my teacher for making me current “I”.
  • I have changed a lot after I came to BOOKBRDGE in such as making a lot of friends, socializing with others through many activities and my English improved obviously a lot.
  • I learned speaking English without being scared of mistakes. I improved my enthusiasm and motivation to study.
  • I had a lot of experience with many different tests, had fun, made many friends and learned speaking English well
  • Having studied at BOOKBRIDGE, I found myself and my learning style and understood how my role is important in my team
  • My attitude has changed through scout activities and the life skills club. Recently I took a medal for essay competition.
  • When I first came to BOOKBRDGE I didn’t know English and I learnt the alphabet. Now I am graduating from 12th grade this year. I am so happy with my skills, I can even speak English fluently besides the fact that I got many friends, became confident. I feel happiness after having done something perfect. I got involved in many activities as an organizer.
  • Being a part of BOOKBRIDGE made me gain knowledge and see a lot of improvements. The best part of this is that my teacher is as close to us as a mentor, and doesn´t only teach. We can use good dictionaries a lot. Also, how to be a volunteer and helping others is the most exciting thing. I am so happy that we have this center. This is very important for us.
  • We started to manage our times properly. Now, I can express myself to others very well. I made a lot of friends and with them I celebrate Halloween, New year and other holidays at BOOKBRIDGE.
  • High requirements are nice.
  • BOOKBRIDGE helped me to open myself, work in a team, connect to each other and participate in regular activities.
  • Sometimes I am lazy to come to BOOKBRIDGE but my teacher said nice words and my friends made great atmosphere.
  • I became more creative.
  • I can spend my time usefully.
Students writing down their improvement suggestions
Students writing down their improvement suggestions

Suggestions for improvements:

  • I don’t know exactly about what to change at my learning center but if we do it step by step, eventually a lot of results will be seen.
  • Setting up a playground outside of the center
  • Establish a silent room/separate rooms
  • Have an own kitchen for us
  • Create a reading corner
  • Want a room for tea-break
  • Need to focus on improving reading comprehension skills
  • Improve the sanitation system
  • Watch English cartoons with students
  • Decorate walls
  • Build a shadow shelter
  • Have a good relationship with other BOOKBRIDGE friends

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