In the footsteps of Jinghis Khan

Carsten and Richard arrived in Ulaanbaatar
On August 7, Carsten and Richard arrived in Ulaanbaatar
In the beginning of August, Carsten and Richard flew to Mongolia. As member of the foundation board, Richard describes his impressions of Mongolia and the learning centers in this blog post.

August 7, 2013, Ulan Bator, Mongolia: It seems to me as my dad gave to me the biography of Jinghis Khan just recently. This was 40 years ago and now I am here. Who would have thought? BOOKBRIDGE has made it possible. From the airport we take the old bumpy road to Ulan Bator. There is not much traffic yet. But there will be soon so many cars that the traffic lights can hardly put them in order. Sometimes I feel like a haunted in the middle of the city who tries to save his life by jumping on the rotten road curb. In the evening we are in the monastery. Together with Amar and Carsten I have some time to think of the impressions of the day.

In Khuvsgul, the BOOKBRIDGE team met for a 5-day workshop
In Khuvsgul, the BOOKBRIDGE team met for a 5-day workshop
August 10, 2013, Khuvsgul lake: The difference to Ulan Bator couldn´t be bigger: Sunset at Khuvsgul lake changing the color of the water and the sky. A group of young women is highly motivated about their work with children and youth and is set about analyzing and improving the work of BOOKBRIDGE. Bully and I talk a lot to them in order to understand the challenges of the learning centers and to search for solutions. Different conditions lead to distinct developments providing multiple chances. It is great to see that some take a chance to entrepreneurial independence – like Uuganaa from Arvaikheer and Baaska and Daria from Murun.

Others wish to wait with this and are happy to extend their offerings with the help of BOOKBRIDGE. And it´s good that way! With Nara from Ulziit arises maybe a new model: Nara would like to offer traditional Mongolian writing and Mongolian music. To realize it, she will need a lot of power and support. A broad range of ideas and needs BOOKBRIDGE tries to meet. What a challenge!

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