Intensive English training in Khovd

Students participating in the program
Students participating in the program
Golden Gate learning center in Khovd, Mongolia was was established in 2017 and has been working successfully since then. 6-12 grade students come to the center to improve their English skills. To support children from underprivileged families, we apply the Access Microscholarship Program sponsored by US Embassy.

This is our 3rd year of cooperating with the embassy in implementing the program at our learning center. It is a 2-years program for 13-20 year-olds from underprivileged families. For 2 years they receive 360 hours of classes including afterschool classes/English classes/enhancement activities and computer courses.

One part of the program are Intensive Sessions (IS), 30 hours of intensive training in a 5 days period. During IS, students study all day from 9am to 5pm. They are provided with transportation money and school supplies, lunch and tea breaks. Pre and post tests are taken and after the training parents are invited to the classroom and students show their parents what they have learnt.

Parents visited the training on the last day
Parents visited the training on the last day

This year, we hired two 2 teachers for conducting IS. The main goal this year was to improve students’ speaking skills and to build their confidence by letting them presenting in front of others. Students were divided into 5 teams to participate in the extracurricular activities of the session.

We achieved the goals that we had set for the students:
1. discussing certain topics and share ideas on how to debate effectively
2. focusing on building a positive attitude by watching and discussing moral and motivational videos
3. enhancing vocabulary by working on English idioms and essential English words
4. discussing topics and sharing ideas on how to debate effectively
5. implementing project work in teams.

During the intensive session students developed their vocabulary bank by learning idioms, everyday expressions, Essential English words and started using the words in speech and writing.

Students presentations
Students presentations
Students actively participated in the extracurricular activities such as completing scavenger hunt tasks, teaching English songs at kindergartens, poster making for teachers and book repairing at the public library. Extracurricular activities enhanced students’ awareness of their duty for the society and team working skills.

There were culture corner times on each day and students gained some knowledge about American culture: respecting personal space, being punctual, working hard, spending money wisely and making and maintaining friendship.

Debating and discussions were organized for the students’ development of speaking and listening in English. All the students were given a topic before the intensive session and they gave speeches, exchanged opinions and discussed about the topics.

On the last day we organized parent involvement activity. Parents were invited and served with the snacks made by students. Besides that parents paid compliments and comments expressing their gratitude and pride on Access program, its benefits, teachers’ hard work and students’ achievement.

Finally students got to know about pieces of American culture, gained some new knowledge, developed English speaking, listening, reading and writing, increased vocabulary bank and took part in interesting and beneficial extracurricular activities.

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