International Book Project

Mid-august, a group with students from Franconian International School, Erlangen travels to Mongolia to start an ambitious book project.

Flights are booked, group members are chosen, visa for Mongolia are almost delivered by post: On August 11 four students from Franconian International School (FIS) in Erlangen, Germany will fly with Marie from BOOKBRIDGE to Mongolia for two weeks. There they will visit the learning centers in Bulgang and Zunkhaara to organize activities with young people and to realize the book project „same – but different“.

The project arose from an idea firstly thought of at the BOOKBRIDGE team event in January. Together with Elaine and Jennifer from FIS, the students meet since then weekly to work on the project. They have developped a questionnaire with questions about the visions and dreams of young people. The questionnaire is to be answered by students at FIS and other schools in Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, Mongolia and Cambodia. With the answers, the students plan to make a book showing the differences and similiarities between today´s young people growing up in different cultures.

The questionnaire contains seven questions that can be answered optionally and – if desired – using creative means like color pens etc. The resulting books illustrates visions, ideas and wishes of young people from different cultures. Maybe, their ideas are not so different… We are very happy about the commitment of the FIS students that are willing to spend their free time with organizing and planning. Like the students, we are curious about the results!

Besides the book project, the students also collect books and paint book bags together with kids from FIS kindergarten. The money from the bag sale is used to finance the book project.

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