Interview with Vannak Pen, Tonloab Learning Center

Pen Vannak, the Head of the Learning Center
Pen Vannak, the Head of the Learning Center
Vannak Pen is Head of Learning Center of our new learning center in Tonloab, Cambodia. In this post, he introduces himself.

Vannak, who are you? What is your personal background?
I am Vannak Pen and was born in Tapov village, where I also live. Tapov is located in Campenh Commune, Kirivong district in the province of Takeo about 4km away from Tonloab market. I am thirty years old and married with two children, a girl and a boy. I studied pedagogy and became a primary teacher at Sok An Tonloab primary school from 2002 to 2009. After that I have been an English teacher at Sok An Tonloab high school from 2010 until now after completing my bachelor in English literature in 2008.

What do you do at BOOKBRIDGE Learning Center Tonloab? What are your tasks?
I am working as the Head of Learning Center. In this position, I am responsible for managing the daily operation of the learning center, ensuring educational activity offerings and setting up paid course programs. I also have the responsibility to make the center’s environment attractive (to make sure that the IT room, library room and classroom run well) and to have a good relationship with the community and good cooperation with authorities.

Which chances do you see and which challenges?
The learning center is new for the community of Tonloab. It provides a new educational choice for children. The center will also give poor students the opportunity to learn a foreign language with the help of the scholarship program being offered at the learning center. Personally, the center gives me the chance to work with different cultures. However, we face challenges such as controlling lots of students coming to library at the same time as they don’t tidy up their books and toys after they have read and played with them. A big challenge for myself is to reach social goals with a business idea which is new to me.

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