Interview with Barbara Kaech

The team of our third Capability Program that led to the learning center in Ang Tasom, Chansom Senmongkul
The team of the capability program that set-up Chansom Senmongkul learning center. Barbara is the fifth from the left with the blue shirt.

Barbara Kaech took part in our capability program that led to the set-up of the learning center in Chansom Senmongkul. Barbara was so impressed by the capabability program and the work BOOKBRIDGE is doing in Cambodia that she later decided to become a member of the foundation board of BOOKBRIDGE. In this short interview, Barbara talks about her feelings and impressions of “her” learning center one year after its opening.

What do you remember the most from the opening ceremony in November 2013?
We were all very excited and impressed by how many kids and people of the local community showed such big interest in the learning center.

When you think back to the investor pitch for our learning center in July 2013, what was the biggest difference between what you thought would happen and what happened in reality?
At the investor pitch we had a certain idea what we wanted to do. Our ideas were quite theoretical with many numbers and modest. However, I am very surprised how much our ideas became reality, lively and colorful. At the end it was much more than what we expected it to be.

What makes you proud when you look at the learning center today?
I am not sure if proud is the right word, but it makes me very happy to see how many kids and youth visit the learning center every day and enjoy their time by reading books, taking lessons, joining activities or playing games.

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