Interview with Batchimeg Purevjav

Batchimeg is new Community Hero in Sainshand, Mongolia
Batchimeg is new Community Hero in Sainshand, Mongolia
Batchimeg is our Community Hero in Sainshand, Mongolia. Her learning center opened as 12th Mongolian learning center in May 2017. In this interview, we introduce her.

Batchimeg, who are you?
My name is Batchimeg Purevjav. I am community hero of Sainshand Learning Center.I live in sainshand Dornogbi, Mongolia with my husband and 2 sons. I have ten years of teaching experience, f.e. for Dundgovi Medical University.

Why did you decide to apply at BOOKBRIDGE as Community Hero?
There is no language center in my town. Before the learning center existed, anyone who wanted to improve their language abilities had to go to Ulaanbaatar to study. This is very expensive and needs a lot of time, also people then have to leave their families. So I wanted to help community and at the same time become an entrepreneur.

Which offering (courses, activities) do you plan for your learning center?
For the first few months, I have planed to offer English courses for kids, teens and adults. Following activities will be offered such as book club, speaking club, movie night and yoga club. In the future, I want to offer additional courses like Mongolian for foreigners, courses in English, English for specific purposes (medicine, business), and academic-purposed English courses (exam preparation and TOEIC etc.).

What was your most difficult challenge until now?
The beginning was challenging because it was all very new. I had no experience how to do business. So writing a business plan and defining customer needs were difficult.

What will be the most important task in your first week as Community Hero?
I think defining customer needs is the most important.

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