Interview with Batchimeg Purevjav

Learned a lot for her learning center: Batchimeg in the FIS' library
Learned a lot for her learning center: Batchimeg in the FIS’ library
Batchimeg Purevjav is our next Community Hero in Mongolia. Together with a group of managers from our Capability Program GMP4 she plans to open a learning center in her community Sainshand. To meet the European candidates of the program in person and receive training in library management and modern teaching methods, she travelled to Germany and Switzerland at the end of January. In this interview she talks about her learnings and impressions.

Batchimeg, you decided to do the long travel to Europe. Why?
I went to Europe to meet the candidates that will help me to open my learning center and to do an internship at Franconian International School. This way, I hoped to improve my teaching skills and get valuable insights into modern teaching methods.

What did you do during your stay?
During my stay, I met the project teams and participated in the module 1 training on January 23-26 at Otto Beisheim School of Management (WHU) in Düsseldorf. On January 26-29 I visited the BOOKBRIDGE office in Basel to learn more about what BOOKBRIDGE is doing. From January 3rd to February 2nd I visited the Franconian International School (FIS) for student-centered teaching observation and shadowing librarians.

Batchimeg (left) with a science class in elementary school
Batchimeg (left) with a science class in elementary school at FIS
What did you learn?
During my stay in Switzerland and the module 1 session, I learnt about how BOOKBRIDGE started, how to build teams, how to write a business plan, social entrepreneurship, leadership, different cultures, and setting up my learning center’s vision. At FIS I got many useful ideas for student-centered teaching, learning environment, working with kids and library activities for ESL. I also observed an elementary science class, and visited the school’s three different libraries.

What would you advise the next community hero who comes?
Gather more information about BOOKBRIDGE project module activities beforehand and plan in detail for your own learning center’s vision and community needs.

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