Interview with BOOKBRIDGE Fellow Malin

Malin with her Khmer friends in Chansom
Malin with her Khmer friends in Chansom

BOOKBRIDGE learning centers are supported by fellows, young people from Europe. A fellow stays for several months at a learning center and supports it with organizing activities and offering language courses. The learning center in Chansom Senmongkul is currently supported by fellow Malin from Germany. Malin arrived in Chansom this summer. The following interview with Malin focuses on the changes and challenges she has experienced so far.

Who are you and what is your role at the learning center?
My name is Malin Klinski, I am 18 years old and currently work for the Bookbridge Learning Center in Angtasom, Cambodia. My tasks include teaching English, working in the library and offering free time activities for the children.

What surprised you the most when you arrived at the learning center?
All the smiling faces. I could immediately sense that everyone loves being here, loves to learn, read and play. It’s simply a wonderful atmosphere and I felt welcomed right from the start.

What is the biggest challenge for you when you think about your work as a BOOKBRIDGE Fellow?
I have to say that it is the language barrier. It takes me sometimes a lot of time and patience to explain how a game works or to talk about grammar with simple vocabulary. Since I am getting better in speaking Khmer it is easier and after all, I think it is a good learning experience.

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