Interview with Buyankhishig Zuronov, Community Hero in Khovd

Proud of her team: Buyanaa, future Community Hero in Khovd
Buyanaa is Community Hero in Khovd
Buyankhishig “Buyanaa” Zuronov is Community Hero in our 13th Mongolian learning center. In this interview, she introduces herself and her vision for her learning center in Khovd.

Buyanaa, who are you?
I was born in 1979 in Durgun soum, Khovd province. I graduated from Teacher’s University in Khovd and have been teaching English in Secondary School for 16 years. Last year, I was chosen as a mentor teacher in Khovd province and have been organizing some trainings for secondary school teachers since last September.

I live with my husband and 4 kids. My children go to school, they are 6, 9, 13 and 15 years old.

Why did you decide to apply at BOOKBRIDGE as Community Hero?
My province is 1,500 km far away from Ulaanbaatar and it is mostly impossible to go to Ulaanbaatar to learn more English for most of the students. I started my own learning center 3 years ago. But my small learning center wasn’t comfortable enough to recruit as many students as I wanted. That’s why I decided to apply at BOOKBRIDGE as Community Hero.

Which offering do you plan for your learning center?
I will teach English to 4-12 graders. For younger students I will offer Day Care services with basic English. Also, we will offer some clubs such as a Speaking club and a Song club. Library is the main offering where students can use computers and iPads with free internet and read what´s interesting them.

Looking back at your preparations for the opening of the learning center, what was the most difficult challenge?
I can’t name the most difficult challenge because when I faced something unknown and difficult thing my team and country managers always helped me to get over it.

What will be the most important task for your first week as Community Hero?
It will be advertising my learning center and recruiting students.

One thought on “Interview with Buyankhishig Zuronov, Community Hero in Khovd

  • Christar says:

    Really inspired to see impact story published in the website.
    If I have a chance I will be well done in this program to help my children in the community- Banteay Meanchey province, Cambodia.

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