Interview with Fellow Asami

Fellow Asami
Fellow Asami
Our learning center in Takeo, Cambodia, has received support from Japan: Asami is helping out with English activities and Origami handcrafting. In this interview, she reveils more about her fellowship.

Asami, who are you?
I’m Asami, 27 years old. I came from Japan to work as a Japan International Cooperation Agency volunteer. I work in Takeo province teaching music for Cambodian children. I like playing many instruments (piano, flute and Cambodian traditional instruments) in my free time.

How did you know about BOOKBRIDGE?
Usually, I work at Takeo Provincial Department of Education, Youth and Sport (PEO) that is located next to the learning center. When I started my work in Takeo, a PEO staff came to me and asked me to help the music class at the learning center. Then, a German volunteer who worked at the learning center teaching piano classes for some students contacted me to assist him in teaching the classes. So, that was the chance I got to know about BOOKBRIDGE Learning Center.

Asami (right) teachers students how to do Origami
Asami (right) teachers students how to do Origami
Why do you engage in BOOKBRIDGE?
Initially, what I worked was just to help a piano class, but the learning center’s staff was very kind to me and we then cooperated more in doing our activity. So, I thought that I want to do many things for children here.

What do you do at BOOKBRIDGE?
Besides teaching piano class, I teach Origami to library users at the learning center once per week. Sometimes, I sing a song with students.

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